Thursday, May 27, 2010

Did You Think Those National Guard troops Were Sent To Help Enforce Our Border? Guess Again..

In an effort to quiet his critics, Obama had announced yesterday that he was sending a paltry 1,200 National Guard troops to the border region.

Now, even though the number is far short of the manpower needed, the natural inclination would be to assume that these troops are being to sent to help out our overwhelmed Border Patrol with illegal aliens and drug cartel violence, no?

No way, Sucker.

The 1,200 National Guard troops President Obama is dispatching to the U.S.-Mexico border will provide intelligence, reconnaissance and other "back office" support, but one thing they won't be doing is helping a beleaguered Border Patrol and local law enforcement nab illegal immigrants and smugglers flowing into Arizona.

Speaking at a press conference in the White House East Room Thursday, the president said the Guard won't be on the front lines but will be offering vital support roles. {...}

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Carlos Pascual, speaking to journalists Wednesday in Mexico City, said the troops will serve as a bridge until the American government can get more agents on the border. He emphasized that the troops won't be working on the front lines or interacting with people crossing the border.

"It's much more back office functions of receiving reports that are coming in from other intelligence entities," he said. The troops will "review and analyze" intelligence, then "feed that to the people who are actually the presence on the border itself."

Now here's something interesting about our Ambassador to Mexico's remarks. Both his statement and the one at Obama's presser came after this official response by the Mexican government:

Washington D.C, May 25th, 2010

Regarding the Administration’s decision to send 1,200 National Guard servicemen to the US Southern border, the Government of Mexico trusts that this decision will help to channel additional US resources to enhance efforts to prevent the illegal flows of weapons and bulk cash into Mexico, which provide organized crime with its firepower and its ability to corrupt.

Additionally, the Government of Mexico expects that National Guard personnel will strengthen US operations in the fight against transnational organized crime that operates on both sides of our common border and that it will not, in accordance to its legal obligations, conduct activities directly linked to the enforcement of immigration laws.

Now, bowing and scraping to Hu Jintao of China, the Japanese Emperor and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is bad enough. But Mexico?????

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