Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Breaking - Brown Resigns; Cameron Is New UK PM


Ah yes, another surprise twist!

When Brown announced yesterday that he was stepping down as Labour leader, it seeme dobvious that Labour and the Liberals were going to get into bed with each other and form a coalition. But apparently the Lib-Lab talks broke down again.

Today, Gordon brown shocked the country by suddenly resigning his office...after which Conservative leader David Cameron headed to Buckingham Palace to see the Queen,who asked him the traditional question: "Will you form the new administration?"

As soon as Cameron said yes,he officially became Prime Minister:

Tory leader David Cameron has entered Number 10 Downing Street as Prime Minister for the first time - and said: "This is going to be hard and difficult work."

He told the waiting media: "On behalf of the whole country I would like to pay tribute to the outgoing Prime Minister for his long record of dedicated public service."

And he added: "I aim to form a proper and full coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats."

US President Barack Obama is thought to have already congratulated him by telephone, while Downing Street staff showed Mr Cameron's pregnant wife Samantha around Number 10.

The couple arrived there straight from Buckingham Palace where the Tory leader had accepted the Queen's request for him to form a new government.

That's it, as opposed to the US. No transition,no last minute nothing. Brown resigns, he's out - immediately. Cameron gets called in, pops in to see the Queen, done deal.

As part of the deal, Nick Clegg is reportedly slated to become Deputy Prime Minister.

It's important to note that The deal isn't formally done yet between the Conservatives and the Liberals, although it's probably been framed out. Gordon Brown was sup[posed to have waited a while longer and then resigned to continue a continuity of government, but apparently he decided otherwise for his own reasons.

It's an open question how long the new coalition can last, The Tories and the Libs are not exactly on the same wave length politically. The answer will probably come after the reported referendum on electoral reform the Libs want is held.

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louielouie said...

i've been coming to J/P for ....... a couple of weeks now.
and i've noticed that in some of ff essays, he will inject a witticism, or some type of phrase that, although it provides detail to the essay, just plain throws me off kilter. to the point that i can't really focus/absorb much else from the rest of the essay.
so, ff, did you really have to refer to apparent talks as ....... Lib-Lab? i bet you didn't have to even think for that to come to 'ya. huh?

louielouie said...

i have seen where this gov't being set up in england being referred to as a collision gov't.
and with good reason.
if i remember my J/P essays correctly, i don't believe the cameron group are conservatives as i know them.
more like rinos i believe.
therefore, the nick & dave show may have a chance, or in 18 months or so, the brits may say these guys don't know what they are doing, let's elect someone else who doesn't know what they are doing either, and labour wins in a landslide.
in between, will scotland secede?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie,
Actually the term 'lib-Lab' is a fairly old one..these people have been in bed with each other before.

As far as Scotland goes, the SNP (Scottish National party) won the Scottish Parliamentary elections over Labour based on a policy of seeking independence back in 2007, and Scotland has a certain autonomy in domestic matters already.

As a matter of fact, if Scotland did secede, it would pretty much ensure Conservative rule for quite some time.

There are some problems with Scottish independence, however. For one thing, the Scots aren't having babies. Scotland has half the annual births it had in the 1950s and pensioners now outnumber schoolchildren.

Even more troublesome, a lot of the people Scotland has imported to pay the high taxes for their nanny state are Muslims, who bring their own sort of baggage and problems.