Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obama's Absurd And Pathetic Press Conference

By now, anyone who's been watching closely knows that's it's easy to tell if Obama's lying...just see if his lips are moving.

But at least he used to do it with a little bit of artistry.

I can't remember a more pathetic political performance than Obama's presser today, his first in ten months. Even Mr. Bill at the height of Monica-Gate retained at least a little dignity.

I mean, using your kids to score political points? 'Daddy, did you plug the hole yet?'

No sweetie...daddy's mouth is still gushing big time.

For instance, listen to Prez Zero when FOX's Major Garret asks him a direct question about Sestak-Gate:

"We're going to issue an official response shortly, but uh..I can assure the public that nothing improper took place."

If nothing improper took place, why have you and your spokeshole Robert Gibbs been tapdancing around this for weeks?

If you know nothing improper occurred, how about manning up for a change, giving a direct answer and leveling with the American people on it?

The answer of course is that Prez Zero knows very well that something improper occurred and is buying time to try and tie up the lose ends, shred any paper or electronic trails, come up with a credible fairy tale and find someone to take the fall for him and Emmanuel.

Eventually, Joe Sestak is going to have to come clean and when he does, Obama wants it to be Sestak's word against the administration's. I mean, who are you going to believe people? Me, the ObamaMessiah or your lying eyes?

Even worse was Obama's pathetic attempt to assure us that he had been right on top of the Gulf Oil spill from the get-go.

Perhaps he..or somebody..was. Perhaps that's why Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's May 11th request to the Feds for permission to dredge and erect sand berms and barrier islands to keep the oil off the Louisiana coast didn't get a response giving them a permit for 45 miles of sand berms until..yesterday. Of course by now,with the oil inundating the coast, that response is about as meaningful as giving your teenage daughter the skinny on birth control after her boyfriend's gotten her pregnant.

Or why BP's request to try to contain the leak by using the “top kill” technique that involved pumping heavy drilling liquids to counteract the pressure of the gushing oil that stopped the flow for most of today wasn't approved by the Feds for two weeks, while the oil continued to gush unchecked into the Gulf.

Of course, that also makes liars out of Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and DHS Chief Janet Napolitano, who kept telling us for weeks that this was BP's responsibility and that they were in charge, but not to worry, they had their foot on BP's neck. Remember that?

In actual fact, nobody was home while this was going on. Obama wasn't even in charge enough when quizzed by the press to remember whether his Director of the Minerals Management Service(the federal agency that oversees oil and gas operations) Elizabeth Birmbaum was fired or resigned!

One thing Obama did do, almost from memory was to sing another stanza of that tired old song, 'Bushie Done It'.

Prez Zero blamed practices of the Bush administration for poor regulation, yakking it up about a "cozy and sometimes corrupt relationship" between oil companies and federal regulators.

The truth?

It was Prez Zero's Administration that made the decision last year to allow this rig to drill with expedited approvals without a full environmental and safety review. They even gave this particular operation a safety award!

Like I said, if his mouth is moving, you know.

There's something indecent about seeing the president of the United States so weak and feckless that he operates in this fashion.

He's simply clueless and out of his depth, and obviously can't wait to get out of town for yet another vacation.

Although it appears that he's finally going to do a photo-op on the Gulf tomorrow...three weeks after the crisis.

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yzernik said...

It looks like Sestak and Obama are getting their story straight.