Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How Obama's Nuclear Summit Really Went - Russia's New Nuke Deals With Turkey, Syria

Just more evidence that Obama's nuclear summit and his outing of America's nuclear secrets were stupid, ill advised moves:

Russia's ZAO Atomstroyexport signed an agreement to build a power plant with four nuclear reactors on Turkey's southern coast at a cost of as much as $20 billion after more than a year of negotiations.

"This will be the first case in which Russia not only builds a power plant, as we have in Iran and India, but will also own it," Sergei Kiriyenko, head of Russian state nuclear holding company Rosatom Corp., told reporters in Ankara during a trip by President Dmitry Medvedev to the Turkish capital.

Atomstroyexport, Russia's reactor builder, will own 100 percent of the project, and may later sell as much as 49 percent to investors, Kiriyenko said. "Turkish investors are interested. We're also holding talks with European investors." He declined to name potential buyers.

Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko said in February 2009 that a group of companies led by Atomstroyexport had bid for the Turkish power plant contract. Turkish authorities delayed awarding the contract since the tender in September 2008, as Russia had submitted the only bid.

"For Turkey, which is just starting to develop nuclear energy, this is a smart move, since they don't have to pay anything up front, just provide the site," Kiriyenko said. "Russia will bear all the costs and recoup them through guaranteed electricity sales" at a fixed price, he said.

Kiriyenko said discussions with Syria on building a nuclear power plant are in the "preliminary stages."

Yesterday in Damascus, Medvedev said he had discussed the possibility of building a plant with Syrian President Bashar al- Assad, and that cooperation on nuclear projects may get a "second wind."

So an increasingly Islamist Turkey is going to start on the nuclear road, and the Russians are going to rebuild Syria's reactor them. It's illuminating to see how much the Russians actually respect Obama and his nonsense about non-proliferation.

Both deals, of course ( especially the Syrian one) are just a back channel way to get arms and materials to Iran, no matter what 'sanctions' Russia agrees to at the UN.

The funny thing is, given Russia's history with Turkey and Islam, this is oddly reminiscent of Kruschev's old remark about how the capitalists would sell their enemies the rope to hang them with.

Unfortunately, it's effect is not going to be limited to Russia.

It's not well known, but historically the countries that have most driven Islamist expansion successfully in recent times are not the Arabs but a group of countries referred to as the Northern Tier - Turkey, Pakistan and Iran. We are approaching a time when all three countries will be armed with nuclear warheads and ICBMs.


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