Tuesday, July 02, 2013

FL Prosecutor Indicted For Falsifying Arrest Warrant Against Zimmerman

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Now this is huge.

Angela Corey, Florida’s state attorney and the special prosecutor tasked with making a case against George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting has just been indicted by a grand jury for falsifying the arrest warrant and the complaint that led to Zimmerman being charged with the second-degree murder:

The indictment of Corey, which was handed down last week (see www.citizensgrandjury.com), charges Corey with intentionally withholding photographic evidence of the injuries to George Zimmerman's head in the warrant she allegedly rushed to issue under oath, in an effort to boost her reelection prospects. At the outset of this case, black activists such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who whipped up wrath against Zimmerman, demanded that he be charged with murder, after local police had thus far declined to arrest him pending investigation. 

Following Corey's criminal complaint charging Zimmerman, legal experts such as Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz condemned her for falsely signing an arrest affidavit under oath, which intentionally omitted exculpatory evidence consisting of the photographs showing the injuries Zimmerman sustained, and rushing to charge him with second degree murder under political pressure. Dershowitz called her actions unethical and themselves crimes (http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/drop-george-zimmerman-murder-charge-article-1.1080161).

This doesn't even mention prosecutorial misconduct in withholding and destroying evidence, both of which lead prosecutor Bernie De la Rionda and his team have already been caught at.

Simply disgraceful.

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Think Duke lacrosse team rape fiasco.