Monday, July 01, 2013

Foreign Reporter Gang Raped In Tahrir Square


What's an Egyptian mob without some gang rapes? Especially of a ferenghi reporter.

The recent revolution in Egypt ha spawned at least 43 sexual assaults according to the semi-state run al-Ahrum.

One of them was a Dutch reporter who was gang raped by five men in Cairo's Tahrir Square a few days ago, as the anti-Morsi festivities were starting:

Dina Zakaria, a journalist reporting for the "Egypt 25" news channel affiliated with the January 25 revolution, shared the incident on her Facebook page Sunday: "A Dutch journalist in Tahrir was raped by men who dub themselves revolutionists. Her condition is severe and she is hospitalized."

She apparently was injured pretty badly, because she underwent surgery, although it's been reported that she's been released.

After what happened to Lara Logan, any news organization that sends a female reporter into the midst of these people ought to sued silly for gross negligence.

More as this develops.

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