Friday, October 03, 2008

Crap Sandwich 2.0 Passes

Aye, Matey...this here earmark' ll will bring in a boatload o' campaign contributions!

Ah yes, the new improved version, expanded from three pages to 450 pages of earmarks, pork and outright bribes and special interest legislation unprecedented even in Washington.

I'm sure they're breaking out the Veuve Cliquot on Wall street, now that their old pal Paulsen has successfully looted the Treasury in a heist that makes the blue collar slobs who pulled off the Brinks robbery look like rank amateurs.

And the will of the people, who were overwhelmingly against this be damned.

Here's the final roll call.

Needless to say, the current occupant of the White House signed this monstrosity in record time..almost as if he were afraid somebody was going to call a cop to try and prevent this grand larceny before he could sign it into law and make it official.

He and the rest of the gang that pulled this off ought to be ashamed of themselves, if they have any shame left in them. Call it the final act of one of the most ineffectual presidents and the worst, most corrupt and self-interested Congress we've had in a long time.

I hope part of the bail out money includes funds for fumigation of th ecapital building and the White House, simply out of common decency.

As for us, we'll be living with the effects of this for quite some time. Aside from the theft of public funds, Congress has effectively allowed the nationalization of the mortgage and real estate industry, something that will come back to bite us in a big way in the end, mark my words.

Addendum: Joshua's Army member Das just informed me that Duncan Hunter turned down a personal appeal from the White House to vote for this travesty, saying that the $700-billion bailout amounted to a "massive exposure for the American taxpayer for what's at best a very limited return."

Now you know one more reason why he was my original choice for president.

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