Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Debate....First Impressions

If any of you ever doubt how much I love you, remember that I actually tuned into the debate tonight instead of the Dodgers/Phillies matchup.

First impressions? Mac must have scored a tab of Viagra tonight. He scored a number of points, and we actually saw a bit of motorboatin' from the Chosen One.

Obama gets points as well for being able to lie with a straight face on camera, especially about the Infant's Birth Protection Act..although McCain failed to mention that an identical bill to provide infants who survive botched abortions with medical care passed in the US enate 95 zip with the same wording as the one Obama killed, and that even NARAL wasn't heartless enough to oppose it. Good line: "I don't see how you vote present on sopmething like that."

I also would have loved to have had McCain, after Obama established he was for partial birth abortion actually describe the process itself...crushing an almost fully formed infants head and then vacuuming its brains out so the head collapses and the dead child can be pulled out of the womb.

I also liked McCain confronting Obama directly and challenging him to repudiate John Lewis' race baiting..which a number of p[eople may have noticed Obama refused to do.

It's also good that ACORN was mentioned, although it could have been done so more forcefully. And so could Obama's shielding of Fannie and Freddie for campaign cash that directly resulted in the subprime mortgage crisis.

The 'Joe the plumber' device was also good though it got overused to the point where I expect it to become a punchline on late night TV:

Still, it's a classic marxist response to the idea of a working man wanting to rise above his station, and thus needed to be underlined.

And McCain actually used sarcasm for once, countering Obama's stuttering about vouchers in DC with the "So, there's not enough vouchers yet so let's not use it, even though it works, right?"

Mac won this one pretty handily, and sounded animated and in control for the most part. If this was debate#1, I think it would have had a lot more effect. Coming as it does now this late in the game when McCain is being outspent by Obama 8 to 1 in TV advertising, it's effect is probably going to be minimal..but we'll see.


Jack Steiner said...

McCain shot himself in the foot with Palin. He killed a lot of the independent vote.

Right Truth said...

McCain should have come back on Ayers, on live-birth abortions, on so many other things. The opportunities were there to point out Obama's lies. I think McCain did better than previous debates. It really doesn't matter. People have already decided who they are voting for.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Sabra said...

And they're voting for Obama. Cute little Howard Stern clip up over at Oldandevil's place - y'all may have seen/heard it. Howard Stern has someone ask a few voters what they think of Obama's choice of picking Sarah Palin as his VP if that is okay with them. They all say, yes. Makes me ill that these are the folks that are going to put B. Hussein in the White House. The link is here:

If Senator McCain would get off his "my friends" couch and perhaps if he'd have started hammering home some points about TWO months ago, we might stand a chance. Now? 'Fraid not.

Anonymous said...

I thought McCain did very well early in the debate, and I agree that Obama lies well, and late into the evening. After global warming came up, I felt they both talked crap. Because McCain did not continue to have the dominance he established early on, I can see why libs claim victory. Essentially McCain could have and should have done much better in the second part of the debate and he didn't. I also felt that the time given to each candidate to talk was very uneven. Did anyone actually calculate how much total time Obama had a chance to talk and how much time McCain used? I also saw many more interruptions of McCain from the moderator.

Anonymous said...

how many times can you say spread the wealth before you just come out and say socialism?
it didn't take rudy long.
he called out hillary early on with her $5K birthday gift to newborns.
she backed off that program, and that's when the DNC went to the karl marx protege'.
i'm not sure i heard it correctly or not, but did jmac call hussein senator government?