Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tonight's Debate...

It starts in less than three hours, local time...and I'm not at all certain I want to tune in.I have a feeling a lot of my fellow Americans feel the same way.

If John McCain were a different sort of person, he would have raised the question of Obama's sleazy associations and marxist worldview a long time ago, or taken a cue from Obama and had his surrogates do it. At this point, I doubt he has enough time to make that case.I hope I'm wrong.

The election has become a referendum on Obama, as it was in the beginning. It needn't have stayed that way, but John McCain, out of ignorance, misplaced loyalty, or a total misunderstanding of what this election is really about hasn't provided a reason to vote for him..only for or against Obama.

McCain is out of touch, although in a vastly different way than the Obama camp meant.

The electorate this year is angry..angry at Congress, angry at the lack of leadership from the White House, and livid over the plundering of the Treasury to bail out Congress's Wall Street cronies and the Bush family run Carlyle Group's Arab clients.

The way for McCain to win was to attack those targets...a do-nothing dysfunctional Congress and a mediocre president, while scaring the heebie jeebies out of the country at the prospect of an Obama administration in charge. He failed to do so, and actually made an ass of himself by publicly suspending his campaign, making a high profile trip to DC and then voting for the bail out instead of keeping his distance from it like Obama did. And he's paying the price for it now.

Sarah Palin, it should be said, didn't make those mistakes and has a canny instinct for the gut mood of the electorate, which is one reason the Left is going out of its way to demonize her and neutralize her now if they can. She's one of the most natural and charismatic conservative politicians we've had on the scene since Reagan, and the idea of her in the White House revving up for a trip to the Oval Office in 2012 is enough to give the American Left sleepless nights and is one of the few damned good reason to vote for the Republican ticket this year.

T any rate, I don't expect tonight's fracas to be particularly well watched, as the race has solidified and people have already made up their minds about the Barack Hussein Obama, no matter what they say to pollsters. Nor do I expect any major fireworks,because unlike Palin, John McCain will allow CBS talking head Bob Schieffer to set the agenda rather than talking to the voters. All Obama has to do is avoid a melt down and things will stay pretty much as they are...which doesn't mean that the Chosen One has it all won, by the way, just that I don't expect a lot of people to decide because of tonight's festivities.

If there's going to be any major swings in this election at this point it will be from something outside the control of either candidate.



Anonymous said...

jeebus cripes.
i could have written this essay.
ff is starting to sound like LL.
and that ain't good.
of course ff's prose and eloquence stand between us.
if i HAD written this essay i would have said/incorporated some reference to the phillies/dodgers game, which i feel will have more viewers.
three mind numbing hours.
that will have ten(10) times the excitement of the presidential debate.
considering what's at stake is the fate of what's left of the free world.

Freedom Fighter said...

Good point, Louie Louie...but 'mind numbing hours'!!!

Don't YOU DARE DISS BASEBALL IN MY PRESENCE, OK?? That's the game of games, boyo, with a mental and philosophical dimension few people appreciate.Plus, there's beer.

My main point about the debate is that people shouldn't be expected a gotcha moment out of McCain or a huge swing of opinion.

Hell, if I were in charge I'd ban all electioneering and campaign ads two weeks before the election, so people had a chance to think about what they were doing...


Anonymous said...

so people had a chance to think about what they were doing...

and just which PEOPLE would that be, that are THINKING in this country????????

would it be THESE people?

would it be THIS person, she can vote in ohio?

what difference is two weeks going to make to THESE people.
the american voting public is as dumb as a sack of hair.
that is why we have the congress that we do and why we have the two so-called candidates for potus that we do.

sorry about the baseball comment.
comparing a presidential debate to a baseball game was unfair.