Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Harper And The Conservatives Win In Canada

Our friends in the Great White North had their election yesterday,and I'm happy to report that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives triumphed.

Maybe the Canadians, having had to deal with socialism and a wasteful spendaholic Leftist government for years have had enough of that crap for a while.If the Chosen One manages to ooze into the White House here, expect that same revulsion in two years.

One particularly nice result was that Green Party leader Elizabeth May got stomped trying to unseat Conservative Defense Minister Peter MacKay..which means we can count on the Canadians continuing to fight by our side in the War on Jihad.

Well done!


Anonymous said...

Triumphed...ok, I think Harper gained much more than many of his opponents hoped, on the other hand, hi will have minor government again and it will not be easy - Conservatives are not big friends with the rest of the parties and they will have to fight hard for every intended step. On the other hand, I am glad there is no tie result- we need government able to act in these days!
Take care

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Lorne, and welcome to Joshua's Army.

You're quite correct - I'm probably projecting based on the sorry choices we have in our own elections two weeks hence!

Anyway, I'm glad the Conservatives and Harper are in..especially given the alternative..

All Goood Things,

Anonymous said...

are canadian conservatives like conservatives should be?
fiscal responsibilty.
limited gov't.
secure borders.

Freedom Fighter said...

Much more so than the current occupant of the White House, Louie..but you knew that, right?