Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama's Figure For Who's 'The Rich' Keeps Lowering....

You've heard Obama constantly saying that anyone making $250,000 or less will not see a tax increase. (lies, of course, since the One's plans call for increasing taxes on payroll and investment that affects almost everyone, but I digress).

As I predicted the threshold for who's 'rich' is steadily dropping, since there simply isn't enough money to be had from the $250,000 + group to pay for the extra spending Obama's been promising his followers. Repealing the Bush tax cuts from that group only raises a mere $40 billion...leaving a shortfall of $360 billion the Chosen One will need to pay for healthcare and the other bribes he's dangling in front of the voters.

Obama and Biden realized this a long time ago, so they're now involved in lowering the threshold on who's 'rich'. In a recent commercial, Obama lowered it to a mere $200,000 in income per year, and in the above video, Joe Biden lowers it to $150,000.

In some parts of the country, $150,000 is a fair amount of money.But in most of urban America, it's a middle class income for a family....say, a nurse and a policeman with a couple of kids.

And make no mistake about it. Even that $150,000 figure is going to come down a lot further once these people get their hands on the White House.

hat tip to Sammy over at Yid With Lid


Anonymous said...

watching this video, and recalling ff response to a video i sent him over the weekend regarding the orlando reporter's questions about socialism i have come to a conclusion.
how's that for a run on sentence?
the orlando reporters questions are a feign or fein, whichever. the blogosphere made a big deal of the orlando video and hussein's subsequent banning.
but imo it's all for show.
one station a week and a half before the election finally asks a question that should have been asked years ago.
no way is the orlando video for real. no followup questions as ff pointed out.
why no followup?

Anonymous said...

occasionally, not often, but occasionally, i drift off to other sites on the internet.
bidens video here with this pronouncement, his warning of something that will test hussein, together with other sites mentioning things.
is hussein gonna nationalize the 401(k)s?????
that would give him lots of money to play with, er ah, redistribute.