Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama On Tape Arguing against Medical Aid for Abortion Surviving Babies

As regular members of Joshua's Army know, to my mind one of the most despicable actions of Barack Obama's career is his championship of infanticide. And I wouldn't characterize myself as an anti-abortion hardliner.

It simply stuns me how someone who has two little children of his own and constantly characterizes himself as a Christian could have advocated denying babies who survive abortion attempts medical treatment and leaving them to die of neglect. Even the harridans at NARAL aren't quite that heartless.

During the third debate, Obama out and out lied about his stance on this issue.

Aside from his legislative record on the matter, which you can find out about at the above link, here are audio clips of the Chosen One advocating leaving these babies to die of neglect:

Obama advocating infanticide audio mp3

Obama advocating infanticide audio wav

And here is the Illinois State Senate Transcript, to provide context.

This goes beyond 'Liberal' versus 'Conservative'. This is a basic lack of human feeling and compassion.

Obama has been packaged as just a nice, normal family man by the dinosaur media. He isn't...and it's time the American people realized that.

Hat tip to the amazing Jill Stanek.


Anonymous said...

What? No, you're retarded. This has be debunked in numerous places. Research before you spew uninformed idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Obama has been packaged as just a nice, normal family man by the dinosaur media.

......and by senator mccain as well.
but enough of the defeatism.
i know nothing of who alfred e. smith is or the foundation, but the address given the other evening had mccain on one side and hussein on the other of a cardinal. why would someone with his stance on life be invited to this with a seat next to someone who is referred to as a prince of the church?

Freedom Fighter said...

Anonymous 4:49, Facts are stubborn things, aren't they?

Infanticide is infanticide. Deal with it.

Hi Louie ,

Obama, like Al Smith is a Democrat.I suppose that trumps anything like Church doctrine on abortion.

Anonymous said...

oh no, Anon 4:49, the truth hasn't even gotten out clearly yet, Obama's dodging and distracting. Here's a YouTube vid scrolling the actual full text of Illinois SB1082 that Obama voted against, it's about born babies & infanticide, that's why it's called the Born Alive INFANT Protection Act. There's just no debunking that.

Freedom Fighter said...

Good one, Cindy...you go girl, and welcome to Joshua's Army!

knowitall said...

Now he screamed and screamed, as did the other left-wing illuminati for health care, but not to unborn babies. Confusing.