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Watcher's Council Nominations, 10/01/08

The Watcher's Council is a group of some of the most incisive blogs in the`sphere. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one of their own and one from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council.

A full list of entries, including some excellent non-Council ones can be found here.

Council News: We are still taking applications for the spot available on the Watcher’s Council. If you have a blog of your own and feel you measure up, you're welcome to find out what's involved and apply here. Or you can leave a comment in the comments section on this post.

So, let's see what we have this week...

Joshuapundit - The Crap Sandwich - that's how House Minority Leader John Boehner characterized the $700 billion dollar 'bail out' bill, right before he voted for it. It's crap all right, a major rape of the American taxpayer disguised as a so-called 'crisis' and designed by the Democrats for maximum political gain in an election matter how badly the 'little people' get hurt.

Rhymes With Right - In The Aftermath Of Ike – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly -Greg, stuck in the middle of the devastation of Ike gives us an account from the inside. My heart goes out to him...

Wolf Howling - A Doddering Fool - in this case, GW is referring to Chris Dodd, the Democrat Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. And yes, it's indeed odd to see him working on a 'rescue' of the system he did so much to corrupt...

Bookworm Room - When God closes a door, he sometimes opens a window - An interesting post, as always, from Ms. Bookworm. In it, she discusses the Left's abuse of Sarah Palin for not aborting a Down's Syndrome baby as well as other attempts by the Left ( including the Nazis) to eliminate the 'unfit' and 'useless.'

This is a particularly fit topic for this time of year, when , as the Jewish liturgy used at Rosh Hashana states, G-d decrees in the next ten days between now and Yom Kippur " who shall live and who shall die" for the coming year.

The Colossus of Rhodey - I thought the Left wanted to talk about issues? - Hube focuses this week on the mountain Newsweak is attempting to make out of the molehill of how many vehicles the McCain family owns, and how many of them are foreign made.

As an addendum, it should be noted that many 'foreign ' cars are manufactured in the US(Honda, BMW, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, etc.) by American workers in places like South Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky while an awful lot of 'American' cars have components manufactured overseas and are frequently assembled in maquilladora factories just over the border..

Hillbilly White Trash - The little messiah unleashes his freikorps - this week Lemuel looks at the attempts by Obama operatives in Missouri attempting to co-opt the local law enforcement to target anyone who `lies or runs a misleading TV ad' against Obama during the presidential campaign.

Given that Obama and Joe Biden are already talking about putting the previous administration on trial after they're elected and that Obama has said he wants to put together a youth 'national service' corps funded at Pentagon level, this is just another sign of what might be over the horizon.

Hope n' change indeed..

The Glittering Eye - System Failure - Dave Schuler muses on the causes of the present financial crisis. One thing he fails to mention ( although being Dave, I'd bet my dollar to your dime he's fully aware of it) is the political motivations behind this manufactured 'crisis'. I would differ with him that there is anyting so far gone that it requires the massive looting of the federal treasury to fix, but you can read my entry this week for further info on why I feel that way if you're so inclined.

Soccer Dad - McCain’s role - Soccer Dad looks at Senator McCain's role in the bail out negotiations this week, and th e expected criticism from the Dinosaur media. Actually, I found Senator Obama's role far more interesting..but that's not a story you're going to see in the dinosaur media, to be sure!

Cheat-Seeking Missiles - McCain’s Needed New Messaging Strategy - Laer analyzes the debate and as a PR expert, gives us the benefit of his background to examine what John McCain needs to change about his overall message to the country.

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