Monday, October 13, 2008

How The Left Handles A Pro-McCain March In Manhattan

A fascinating vid of an attempt at a pro- McCain march on the Upper West Side...

Dissent? Freedom of Assembly? Faggeddaboutdit!


Anonymous said...

Looks like they (new yorkers) need another 9/11 to get their attention.

Dan Rust said...

For one person's perspective on how you can make a decision to support Obama AND vote for John McCain, see the YouTube video below:

Feel free to forward this to any "undecided" voters you know of. This will be a VERY close election and we need every single vote we can get. Demonizing Obama will get us a few votes (and also lose us at least a few votes) but I hope that a rational, positive thought process will persuade a few people who are still on the fence.

Regards, Dan