Thursday, October 30, 2008

Justice Department Won't Investigate Ohio Voter Fraud

Nah. Busy. Can't be bothered.

The U.S. Justice Department is not expected to intervene before Tuesday's election in a dispute about verifying new voter registrations in Ohio, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner said today.

"That is our clear understanding," Brunner said a press conference to discuss preparations for the election.

House Minority Leader John Boehner had asked the Justice Department and President Bush to seek an order to force Brunner to release details about discrepancies in registrations, arguing it's necessary to weed out any fraud.

At issue is what should be done with the "mismatches" that occur when the names and other information provided by newly registered voters are checked by computer against state motor vehicle and federal Social Security records.

The Ohio Republican Party had sued unsuccessfully to force Brunner, a Democrat, to give counties lists of voters with mismatches to investigate, but Brunner said that's not possible because the state's voter registration database was not constructed properly by outside contractors. {...}

Republicans are accusing Brunner of trying to conceal potential fraud by refusing to release details about the database mismatches, which she has estimated to be about 200,000 of the 786,000 people who have registered since Jan. 1.

"I'm disappointed by the Justice Department's refusal to stop Secretary Brunner's calculated effort to undermine the integrity of Ohio's election," Boehner, a West Chester Republican, said in a statement.

I'll say it again, and remember you read it here.. President Bush has no intention of helping John McCain to get elected. There's no love lost between them, Bush has told his major donors, the 'Pioneers' to keep their wallets closed and the Bushes figure that Obama will be a one termer like Jimmy Carter. After which Jeb can become the standard bearer and rally the troops in 2012.


Anonymous said...

i say this here for the first time and remember it as well
screw jeb
screw the current occupant of the white house
go sarah

Freedom Fighter said...

Oh, I agree. Don't expect too much from Senator McCain..he's simply the best alternative just now.

knowitall said...

Maybe it should have been investigated, because I saw the state called for the left-wing illuminati election night immediately. That was a first in my lifetime, the quickness rather.