Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tito The Builder Emasculates David Corn..And Introduces Sarah Palin

Ooooh, this is good one.

David Corn is an ultra-Leftist tool who writes for the far Left publication the Nation. Tito the Builder is a Colombian immigrant who's now a US citizen and who inately understands what freedom, hard work and the American dream are. In this vid, Tito absolutely chops Corn off at the knees, criticizing him for the media's bias and accurately labeling Obamanomics as socialism. From what I've heard through the grapevne, Tito's takedown of Corn was even more one sided than this edited vid suggests.

And about a week later, having become a folk hero along the lines of Joe the Plumber, Tito was picked to introduce Sarah Palin at another Virginia rally. Listen to his words...and remember what's at stake here.

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Sabra said...

He is great! Just saw him on Fox News. The RNC could hammer all of "this" home if they would use Joe the Plumber, Tito the Builder, and get a Nancy the Nurse, a Mike the Mechanic, a Helen the Hairdresser...