Friday, October 03, 2008

Obama's Presumptive National Security Advisor: Invade Israel To Establish A Palestinian State

Ah yes...Dr. Samantha Powers, Obma's presumptive Natonal Security Advisor's solution is to invade Israeli territory and 'impose a solution' to establish a second Arab Palestinian state, even if it means angering `a very powerful and influential US constituency' and creating half a million Jewish refugees.

Nevertheless, I'm sure a lot of self-hating Jews will continue to support Obama under the illusion he's pro-Israel....

Hat Tip to Carl for ferreting this one out...


Anonymous said...

WTF!?! Her first name's Samantha, btw, but props for finding this video of her publicly saying what we all suspected was Obama's agenda w/Israel -- imposing his solution on them, even if by force. Unbelievable.

Freedom Fighter said...

Thanks for the correction.

Cab you imagine this creep as NSA advisor or even Secretary of State?


Janice Sue G. said...

It was part of larger interview that took place on 9/2002 when she was on her book tour.

She is a radical. She also said in the interview that USA prevented the UN from having enough power.

This is scary.

Anonymous said...

Invading Israel is stupid on so many levels it is hard to to calculate. Such an invasion would likely be the end of the United States. First of all, in the Holy Scriptures, God promises the land of Israel from the River of Egypt to the Euphrates River belongs to Abraham and his descendents which are the Jews. Anyone who engages in such a policy would run against the will of God. Such individuals and the people who support them would be destroyed.

Even if we approach this from a purely secular point of view, an invasion of Israel would be extremely stupid. Even here it is stupid on so many levels it is extremely difficult to calculate. Israel is the primary buffer between the America and the free world and Islamic terrorist supporting nations. If you weaken this buffer which is Israel, you make it much more diffiicult and costly to defend America and Western Europe.

In additon to this, the IDF is better led, better trained, and possesses greater technological sophistication than either the American or any Western military possesses. In other words, Aemrica would lose in any invasion of Israel. The Israeli Air Force defeated the Russian air defense systems that Syria had deployed to defend its nuclear sites. The American Air Force COULD NOT have done this. Had the Americans have tried this, their planes would have been shot down before they could even make a dent in the Syrian nuclear sites. The Americans and the entire free world should be IMMENSELY GRATEFUL to the Israelis for taking out a significant portion of Syria's nuclear weapons program. They could not have done this. These weapons ultimately would have been used agaisnt America and Western Europe and the Americans and the Western Europeans could not have prevented this. This is why everyone in the free world owes Israel big time.

Sadly neither Obama nor McCain seem to understand this situation. I assume the VP candidates say NOTHING without the approval of the Presiential candidates. Both VP candidates came out in support of a "Palestinian" state. Such a state would be an existential threat to America. Yhere already is a "Palestinian" state. It is called Jordan. The Arabs should resettle the refugees that their policies created. This is what the governments of America and Western Europe should be pushing for.

Anonymous said...

what are there, 120,000 registered american voters living in israel?

oh no, this can't be.
i saw last night on iba news hussein's representative in israel, addressing some of the registered voters, saying that israel had no greater friend than hussein.
i saw it.
he said it.
it was on iba news.
thursday night.
oh no, this can't be.
i just threw up a little bit in my mouth.............