Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some Good News...Murtha Way Behind

Ahhh, I love this.

According to the polls,Code Pink poster boy and abscam crook Jack Murtha is trailing badly in the polls against the challenger for his House seat, ex-Lt. Colonel Bill Russel.

One poll shows Russel ahead 48-45, another more recent one shows him ahead 48-35.

It would be poetic justice for this creep to get beaten like a junkyard dog..and then have to defend himself against the suits filed against him by the 7 acquitted Haditha Marines he libeled on national TV.

For that alone, Fat Jack oughta be put in a cage on wheels and towed through his district while those bitter redneck racists toss garbage at him through the bars.

If any of you have a few shekels laying around, you can donate to the Russell Brigade, help take Fat Jack down and put a fine conservative congressman in office.

And, need I mention that if Murtha goes down, it has implications for Obama's chances in Pennsylvania?


Autumn Haven said...


I live in Western here is pretty much the same as it is in Murtha's district. His big fat mouth pissed me off!

Lemuel Calhoon said...

This is why he has been out dissing his constituents. His campaign internal polling shows that he is going to lose and he is venting his spleen at them.

knowitall said...

What's even more pathetic is that he got in. Yes, he and the other liberal illuminati who insulted PA are in control. Insults to go around now.