Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama Supporters Do Rational Discourse

Hope N' Change..a video interview with some Obama supporters heckling a McCain rally...

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Anonymous said...

why change?
Because "Change" Worked So Well In Zimbabwee

ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe said the current situation where 87% of the country's land still resided in the hands of 50 000 white farmers, 14 years on from the end of whites-only apartheid rule, was "untenable".

"Land redistribution cannot depend on the willingness of those who own to sell," he said, adding there should be an "evaluation of land and expropriation thereof".

Land reform has become an increasingly contentious issue throughout Southern Africa since Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe embarked on a programme that has seen about 4 000 white farmers lose their land since the turn of the decade.

While Mugabe's policy has been blamed for much of Zimbabwe's economic turmoil, many Africans applaud his self-styled drive to correct imbalances stemming from the colonial era.

The failure of current land distribution legislation led the ANC to try implement a law this year which would speed up land reform through expropriation.