Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Head Of The BBC Admits They're Scared Sh*tless Of Muslims

No great surprise here, but at least al-Beeb is now out in the open.

Al-Beeb's Director-General, Mark Thompson did an unusually honest bit of whinging and admitted that the BBC reports differently on Christianity than on Islam.

"What Christian identity feels like to the broad population is a little bit different to people for whom their religion is also associated with an ethnic identity which has not been fully integrated.

There's no reason why any religion should be immune from discussion, but I don't want to say that all religions are the same. To be a minority I think puts a slightly different outlook on it."

Thompson also said shows critical of Islam would be shown if they were of high quality...which, based on al-Beeb's programming and reporting can be translated as 'never in hell.'

Having seen what kind of violent behavior Muslims are capable of when they get riled up, the BBC simply decided that all that stuff about journalistic ethics and responsibilities and the Fourth estate wasn't worth risking their necks for, thank you very much.Blasphemy against Christians, on the other hand, is cool and shows how modern and cutting edge we are according to Mr. Thompson's logic...and speaking of cutting edge, those wimpy Christians might shout a little but they're not going to issue a cash bounty death fatwa on reporters or start bombing the BBC's offices.

This sort of selective bias not only effects reporting on Islam but obviously impacts how Al-Beeb reports on stories about Israeli-Arab conflict (or indeed any stories about Israel) Iran, Pakistan, Islamist terrorism, no-go Muslim areas in British cities, the Iraq War and a host of other topics, something that's definitely not news to anyone with a fighting chance of a two digit IQ that's been paying attention.

But here's the question...the Beeb is a government monopoly, paid for by the taxpayers. Is it the official policy of the British government that Islam gets preferential treatment and benefits from de facto censorship? Did the British electorate vote for this?

And then the the little factoid that the vast majority of those taxpayers just happen to be Christians, at least nominally. According to Mark Thompson, that apparently means that their rights and sensibilities can be stomped on with impunity. Did I get something wrong here?

"All Animals are equal, but some are more equal than others." - George Orwell, Animal Farm.

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Anonymous said...

i think it's time for another in a series of OFF TOPIC comments by LL. not only that but i think this will be a first, as it is not only an off topic comment, but is an off topic comment about a previous FF essay.
so here goes:
when ff discussed his celebration of sukkot he said he was off to build his sukkah, or booth, or whatever, and adorn it in the fashion that he chose.
so i thought at the time, what would happen if some joooo that was not to clever with hammer, nails, saw, whatever went into a large box hardware store to get some assistance on the construction of a sukkah. the first thing that would come up would be, why in help do you want the roof open? and when you would attempt a simple answer you would no doubt get a rolling eyes response.
to be brief, if on the other hand, you went into the same large box store, said you were from gaza, said you had these explosives but the tape you had was old, the wires you had were frayed, and the pushbutton you had didn't work.
i bet the following saturday morning the large box store would have a seminar for all on how to build a homicide bomb. with special emphasis on type and location of nails for maximum murder.
bring your own explosives.
now this off topic comment may offend some. especially some of a certain so-called religion. if it does too bad. if it does not offend you then please reply so that i may make a better attempt at offending you and whoever.
please note, this is ff blog and he has limits on how he will allow me to offend you. i will do my best but it is his blog. trust me, i would do a lot more and better job of offending you if not for his limitations.
have a nice day.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hah! The idea of going to Home Depot to figure out how to build a Sukkah is a real knee slapper,LL!

Most Jews learn from Dad,or from other observant Jews in the `hood..
Kinda the way I imagine Christians learn how to put up and trim a Christmas tree or hang those lights.

The thing about the's not so much that it's open so much as you have to be able to see the stars and sky through it.

It's not only a harvest festival, it commemorates the forty years our ancestors spent in the desert making their way to the land G-d promised us..and why it took forty years is another story.

As for're dealing with people who make a cult out of destruction. When the Israelis lived there it was a major exporter of fruits and vegetables to Europe and elsewhere. The Israelis are probably the foremost authorities on irrigation in the world, and they grew the stuff in sophisticated greenhouses in places like Guish Katif.

When the Jews left, the World Bank ponied up $14 million to these highly skilled farmers to leave the greenhouses and irrigation systems intact, for the benefit of the Arabs.

Dumb move.

Within hours after the Jews left, every one of those greenhouses and irrigation systems had been looted and destroyed by the Arabs, and they're just desert wasteland today.

Not the sons of the desert, Louie..the fathers of it.



Anonymous said...

figure out how to build a Sukkah is a real knee slapper,LL!

it's a gentile comment.