Friday, October 03, 2008

This Is What The Republicans Need To Emphasize..

..over the next 32 days, over and over again....

The Fannie and Freddie meltdown were caused by the Democrats protecting them in exchange for campaign contributions and in the case of Barney Frank, with the additional stimulus of a lil' Fannie buddy who specialized in overturning Fannie's lending underwriting standards.

I guess it wasn't just the country who was getting screwed...

Like I said, I've heard that McCain plans to flame the Dems over this now that the bail out bill has been signed. The perception the Dems and their trained goons in the dinosaur media are pushing is that this is strictly a Republican issue, and that horse manure needs to be countered.

If McCain fails to do that, he doesn't deserve to be president.

We'll see..

Hat tip Ace

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Anonymous said...

ff phone will be ringing shortly

oh to be a fly on the wall.
will he, or will he not, take the call?