Saturday, October 11, 2008

Voter Fraud Triumphs In Ohio...

Ohio will likely vote Democrat this year.Sorry to be a downer, but it is what it is.

For the first time this year, the state has allowed `same day registrations' which essentially means that anyone can register to vote and cast a ballot the same day...with no ID, no proof of residence and no proof of the person's eligibility.

This is a direct result of the Democrats taking over the State house and the legislature.

Needless to say, ACORN has been into the Buckeye State up to its elbows, voting illegal aliens, corpses and even campaign workers bussed in from out of state using fraudulent addresses.

ACORN, an organization intimately connected with Obama ( he was once their attorney) has already been busted in five states this year for voter fraud.

When the Ohio Republican Party complained,Democrat Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner told them to get bent, so they took it to court.

A federal judge ruled in their favor, stating that Brunner is mandated to perform voter verification required by the Help American Vote Act and give that information to county election boards.

But the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals just vacated that order:

A federal appeals court ruled 2-1 last night in favor of Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to put on hold an order sought by the Ohio Republican Party involving information about new voters and concerns about potential fraud.

The three-judge panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Brunner is not required to provide county elections boards with the names of voters whose personal information does not match state motor-vehicle or federal Social Security records, as ordered Thursday by U.S. District Court Judge George C. Smith of Columbus.

The 6th Circuit's ruling was rushed through before the entire Court had the chance to review the case, and was based on the quaint idea that the Ohio GOP waited too long to challenge this and that this constituted "late-game litigation".

That's roughly equivalent to the idea of letting a thief go because you caught him in the act when he was almost done burglarizing your house...especially considering that Ohio just started its early voting period.

Barring a Supreme Court reversal, what will happen, just like with Obama illegal foreign campaign contributions is that this will go to the FEC after the election, which will make a recommendation to the Justice Department as to whether to prosecute or not. Assuming the FEC does recommend prosecution, an Obama appointed Attorney General will decline to do so, on the grounds that after looking at the facts, he or she has decided that any fraud would have no effect on the results.

That, by the way, is exactly how Lorretta Sanchez(d-CA) got into Congress during the Clinton Administration, by 'defeating' Republican Bob Dornan with the aid of massive voting by illegal aliens. When the Clinton Justice Department refused to investigate Dornan's complaint, Dornan did a cursory one himself, proving over 3,000 illegal aliens 'voted' for Sanchez in his district.

After which Clinton AG Janet Reno refused to investigate further, deciding arbitrarily that a further investigation would `change nothing', except maybe removing an illegally elected Democrat from office...and we can't have that, can we?

Of course, McCain could perhaps prompt an overturn by screaming bloody murder about this deliberate fraud in Ohio and elsewhere and demanding that the Obama campaign cease and desist...but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.


Anonymous said...

Apparently the Republicans are not going to fight for thei own political survival. Given this situation, I look for them to be extinct by 2012. There are many people who will not be properly represented by the Democrats. I would expect another political party to arise to take the place of the Democrats but this will take some time.

Now if only we could get the Democrats to fight as ruthlessly against Islamic terrorists and thei communist allies as they are fighting against Republicans the country would be in much better shape. In fact, we might just win the war. If we lose, America does not survive. As such, I pray who ever wins is up to the challenges posed by Islamic terrorists and by Russia.

Anonymous said...

Voter fraud occurred in Ohio four years ago, when Bush won 102% of the vote in the heavily Democratic cities in Ashtabula and Mahoning counties. There is nothing illegal about what the Democrats are doing, since it has been upheld by the courts (you do still believe in the rule of law, don't you?). And there is something admirable about widening the franchise to people who have felt outside the political process. It is too bad that you put party above democratic ideals by lauding (quietly) real voter fraud four years ago while loudly criticizing the widening of the franchise that has been sanctioned by Democrats and Republicans on the bench...

Unknown said...

We need to demand a re-vote. this same day crap is ridiculous. you know darn well there are felons, dead people and falsified people voting in Ohio! They can't win the right way so they're going to steal it. Why are we allowing this?

Freedom Fighter said...

Anything for the cause, eh Anonymous?

Do you think it's OK to vote corpses and count ballots without proof of residence or not?

Actually, the legal status of this is still court actually came down on the side of common sense, and the other didn't and the matter may come up for further adjudication. And, if you read, I pointed out the faulty logic of the sixth circuit, didn't I?

Your other allegations about Ohio in 2004 have been disproven so many times they simply don't warrant serious discussion.

But I've heard it was aliens from outer space in cahoots with BushHitler that exercised mind control over the Democrat zombies in those Ohio Counties in `04.
Daily Kos has the full story...check it out..