Friday, October 17, 2008

Kicking The Rats Off The Ship

There's something very interesting happening with certain self-styled 'Conservative' intellectual pundits these days..David Brooks, Chris Buckley, Kathleen Parker and especially Peggy Noonan come to mind.

They're all willing to tacitly or openly endorse an avowed socialist for the presidency, primarily because they consider Sarah Palin an idiot and she embarrasses them at the smart, sophisticated parties they attend in Manhattan or Georgetown with their Liberal buddies. They've been living among these people so long that they've simply lost touch.

Here's Noonan in full bloom with her latest opus 'Pailin's Failin' ( no can find this crap on your own if you're so inclined):

There has never been a second's debate among liberals, to use an old-fashioned word that may yet return to vogue, over Mrs. Palin: She was a dope and unqualified from the start. Conservatives and Republicans, on the other hand, continue to battle it out: Was her choice a success or a disaster? And if one holds negative views, should one say so?

...we have seen Mrs. Palin on the national stage for seven weeks now, and there is little sign that she has the tools, the equipment, the knowledge or the philosophical grounding one hopes for, and expects, in a holder of high office. She is a person of great ambition, but the question remains: What is the purpose of the ambition? She wants to rise, but what for?

She doesn't think aloud. She just . . . says things.

This is not a leader, this is a follower, and she follows what she imagines is the base, which is in fact a vast and broken-hearted thing whose pain she cannot, actually, imagine. She could reinspire and reinspirit; she chooses merely to excite. She doesn't seem to understand the implications of her own thoughts.

Lessee...Governor Palin is pro energy independence, pro life, pro small government, supports drilling in ANWR and off shore, unapologetically working class, in favor of a vigorous and pro-active foreign policy, pro Second Amendment, supports lower taxes, the death penalty, and has a record of taking on entrenched special interests and cleaning up corruption in government.

Nah...she's just a pillowcase with no concrete positions or original thoughts of her own, right Peg? Can't figure out whom she is or what she stands for...not like Barack Obama.

One thing she hasn't done...been caught lying to her own audience about some embarrassing comments that got picked up when she thought the microphone was off, like a certain columnist and self-styled pundit I could name.Right Peg?

These people despise Sarah Palin, not because she doesn't think but because she's honest, unreconstructed and says what she thinks, and it doesn't quite fit the 'nuanced' world view they'd like to present in the circles they move in. So they'll torpedo her and gravitate to Barack Obama, a real intellectual they can understand. And they'll suspend disbelief and just hope he doesn't mean all that class war rhetoric and far Left posturing.

The quaint idea that people like Noonan are trying to peddle is that by doing their best to destroy the McCain-Palin ticket they're being True Conservatives and setting the stage for a reconstruction after the One marches into the White House.

They're lying through their teeth.

What they're really doing is setting themselves up in position to be employed as token 'conservatives' in the dinosaur media after the Left comes to power.

That's a despicable act of cowardice but they're welcome to it. I just wish people like Peggy Noonan would stop pretending.

When the rats are leaving the premises, I have no problem with helping them to their new home with a good swift kick in the right direction, and welcome to it.

Their kind we can do without.


Anonymous said...

Nice post buddy. If I may make a couple comments?

None of the pundent class haven’t any idea why Palin appeals. Their mental monitors come up, “Doesn’t compute,” and this scares them to death. I wasn’t going to listen to Palin’s speech. I was on my way to shop but I couldn’t stop listening to her talk. The store closed, I continued to listen. She was talking to me!

Other politicians in the past, no matter how much I’ve liked them, my mind wandered in and out as they “delivered” their speech. But not this lady, I ‘got’ every word she said.

The elite have no idea how fed up I am, and millions of others I wager, with lawyers and people from Haaavad running things. But not Palin, I knew she’d never been to a single focus group to find out what to say to people; she is the people. A person I recognize and trust.

Joe the plumber and Palin are as some kind of exotic beast to the elite, something tiresome and not very bright to pander to once every few years. The problem for the elite is that I know these two from my own life experience over many years and I trust their judgment. More troublesome for the elite; I can still vote!

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Anonymous,
Exactly...Reagan had the same quality and they hated him too..Noonan has been hanging in Manhattan far too long and forgotten where she came from.


Unknown said...

I am so glad someone said it! I have been frying my brain trying to figure out what the hell happened to Peggy Noonan! What I really don't understand is that she is extremely Catholic and extremely PRO LIFE. How can she allign herself with a guy SO radical on abortion that he wants abortion survivors to be KILLED outside the womb! And he's a huge partial birth abortion supporter! I am flummoxed by this shift! Peggy, what are you doing? What would Reagan say? He'd be terribly dissapointed in you. My God! What is happening to everyone? Where is my country? I need an Advil.

Anonymous said...

If McCain were to win the election, he should do nothing himself. He should defer every thing to Sarah Palin. Ms. Palin has the instincts to lead. If she follows her instincts, she will likely be the best leader the Republic has ever known.

While she may not have the most book knowledge about foreign affairs or the economy, her instincts are far better than any leader or potential leader in the United States or the entire free world. If she is blessed enough to be VP or even President, she will be the best ever if she follows those instincts and is able to resist the urge to follow main stream Washington thinking.

For example, Condi Rice is a learned woman who is supposedly a Russian expert. Yet her actions indicate she is totally clueless. She is a woman with extrodinarily poor instincts. Either that or she hates America. I think it is the former. Ms. Rice simply has very bad instincts. On the other hand, Ms. Palin has demonstrated very good instincts duing her experience as Governor. If she follows those instincts, she will be successful.

Any President would be wise to ignore what the CIA tells him in his/her daily briefing. At the very least, they should corroborate what the CIA tells them with other more reliable sources. The CIA has demonstrated extremely poor performance of late. They blew it on Iraq's WMD. It was likely transferred to Syria but they can't or won't figure this out. Recently they blew it on Russia's actions. They cannot be trusted.

Whatever the State Department tells the President he or she should do the exact the opposite. This is another entity that has shown extrodinarily poor instincts and out and out America hatred.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean "They blew it on Iraq's WMD."?

They told the prez what he wanted to hear.