Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCain Endorses Obama

And no, I'm not kidding...

Okay, the above vid is from the far left site Talking Points Memo, but let's face it..when someone at one of his rallies said he was scared of the idea of an Obama presidency, you'd think Johnny Mac would have taken the opportunity to accurately describe Obama as a political opportunist with far Left views, no discernible resume and sleazy and questionable associations, including membership in a racist church for over two decades.

Instead, McCain referred to Obama as a decent person who's accomplishments he respects, and a man that no one should be scared of as president! Joshua's Army Member Louie Louie pointed out, Obama needn't waste money creating any new ads...he just a got a stellar endorsement from his opponent, and all he has to do is loop it and run it! I mean, if Barack Obama is a decent person with myriad accomplishments who nobody ought to be afraid to put in the White House, than why not vote for him?

What this is, of course, is McCain's final betrayal of the conservative base.

Maybe he's simply tired, or maybe Obama surrogate Congressman John Lewis playing the race card and comparing him to George Wallace put him over the edge, or maybe he's still clinging to the fantasy that this campaign is somehow still aboveboard and honest no matter how often he gets kicked in the crotch by Obama and his Chicago mafia, but whatever the reason John McCain has decided he ain't playing anymore.

Barack Hussein Obama has the media shilling for him, ACORN and a bunch of corrupt Democrat legislators queering the vote with phony registrations and a whole boatload of money, much of it garnered illegally from overseas to finance the whole foul smelling endeavor. The way for McCain to win was to run against the most dysfunctional Congress in history and to reveal Obama's character,background and core beliefs to the electorate and make them damned well afraid of the most far left candidate we've ever had on the ballot taking over.

During his broadcast last Friday,(October 10th) Rush Limbaugh reminded McCain of exactly what kind of president Barack Hussein Obama would be and challenged him to stand up for his country heroically one more time and fight. Instead, McCain has essentially gone back into his corner, hit the stool and said 'no mas'. And at the same time, he just legitimized the characterization by the Left and the dinosaur media of the Conservative base as a bunch of ignorant redneck racist yahoos too stoo-pid to bend over for the New Order.

And that includes Sarah Palin, by the way. Apparently she's been a little too successful at inspiring the base and the rumors abound about her being muzzled at McCain's express orders, although at this point she may just ignore him, figuring she's got nothing to lose and everything to gain no matter what happens in November.

When McCain started his campaign, he promised to fight for what's right for our country.He promised change to an electorate that was hungry for it, after eight years of Bush and two years of a Democrat-run congress. Instead, he's ended up lacking the guts to focus on either target, and signed on to a corrupt bail out the voters rightfully see as a rip off and business as usual in Washington.

No wonder he got booed at his own rally.

I always figured we'd have to carry McCain over the finish line, but I never expected him to be dead weight.

As it is, McCain just let us know that he's no compelling reason to vote Republican this year, and that the only reason to do so to get Sarah Palin in the White House and keep Barack Obama and his cabal out.

Those are still damned good reasons, but Maverick isn't going to be the one to say so.He'd rather diss the people who were actually trying to fight the odds and elect him.

Let's just say that I'd actually hoped for more from him and leave it at that. Silly me..


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Apparently the Republicans are not going to fight. That is unless they are engaging in their war against Christians and other social conservatives. Actually this is not surporisng. The Republican party leaders have been fighting a war against Christian conservatives and othe social conservatives for qu8ite some time. Given that this was a significant part of the party "base" this was a stupid decision on the part of Republican party leaders from the start. Insstead of fighting a war against Evangelical Christians they should have been trying to find some way to incorparat them into major party decisions. Had they have done so they would be in better shape now.

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McCain had to say something nice because rational Americans were watching in horror as McCain and Palin incited their rallies into hateful speech that at times sounded frightful (e.g., calling Obama a terrorist, yelling out "kill him"). While you might view McCain's recent comments as an endorsement, the majority of people likely saw it as a good political calculation since the campaign was widely seen to have crossed a line. Republican David Gergen, a highly respected pundit, and Pat Buchanan, a very conservative journalist, both were seen calling on the campaign to rein in Palin's harsh rhetoric and denounce such language by supporters. Certainly, people are free to say what they want, but there is a reason first amendment rights are restricted from calls to kill the President: actions soon follow. Strange your site contains no denunciation of such hateful, incendiary language...

Anonymous said...

anon @ 8:27,
or should i say troll @ 8:27?

Strange your site contains no denunciation of such hateful, incendiary language...

you ain't seen nothing yet.
would you prefer we say g-d damn amerika here?
perhaps we should just invade israel?
the people in the videos are not free to express their opinions, if a hussein term scares them?
stranger still is this site does not yet come under kos control or standards.
that will change i'm sure when the messiah takes his place.
i'm just curious as to what title monitors such as yourself will take.
defenders of the truth?

Anonymous said...

Strange your site contains no denunciation of such hateful, incendiary language...

stranger still that you would use such language.
perhaps we should all look at your private e-mail account(s).