Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ohio Voting Scandal Goes To Supreme Court

You'll recall that I reported previously on the voting scandal in Ohio, where ACORN has been involved in major voter registration fraud, aided and abetted by the Democrat Secretary of State, Deborah Brunner.

The key to the attempt to steal Ohio's votes and hand it to the Chosen One is the new `same day registrations' bill, which essentially means that anyone can register to vote and cast a ballot the same day...with no ID, no proof of residence and no proof of the person's eligibility. So ACORN has been registering illegal aliens, corpses, transients and even Obama campaign workers bused in from out of state.

ACORN, whom the Obama campaign gave over $800,000 to that we know about, has already been busted in 13 states this election for this kind of activity.

When the Ohio GOP sued, Brunner was ordered by a Federal judge to perform voter verification required by the Help American Vote Act and give that information to county election boards..after which a three judge panel in the Sixth Circuit Court Of Appeals vacated the order for Brunner to provide county elections boards with the names of voters whose personal information does not match state motor-vehicle or federal Social Security records on a two to one vote, on the ridiculous basis that the Ohio GOP waited too long to challenge this and that this constituted "late-game litigation".

The ruling was rushed through before the entire appellate court could judge the matter, and when the full court assembled they reinstated the order. And a subsequent investigation showed that Brunner had been sitting on over 200,000 registrations with 'discrepancies' that she neglected to inform the local county election boards about.

To put this in context, remember that George W.Bush's margin of victory in Ohio in 2004 was just over 100,000 votes.And you can only imagine what 200,00 extra 'votes', strategically placed could do to congressional races.

Faced with having to make this public and comply with the Sixth Circuit's order, Brunner ran to the Supreme Court which in this case that means none other than our old friend Justice John Paul Stevens, who handles emergency matters for the Sixth Circuit.

Ohio’s top election official has asked the Supreme Court to put on hold a federal judge’s order requiring steps to verify the voter registration rolls across the state, arguing that the order had “destabilized” the election situation just three weeks before voters go to the polls. An application for stay (Brunner v. Ohio Republican Party, et al., 08A332) was filed Wednesday night with Justice John Paul Stevens, who handles emergency matters from the Sixth Circuit.

...The application contended that the order may encourage a flood of lawsuits across the nation, disrupting the election process and threatening to require many voters to cast provisional ballots, thus perhaps deterring them from voting.

Justice Stevens may act without asking state GOP officials to respond, or wait until there is a response. He also has the option of sharing a decision with his Court colleagues, or acting alone.

Nice, hmmm?

We'll see what develops....

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