Friday, October 17, 2008

Proof Russians Do Have A Sense Of Humor..

"None of modern problems can be resolved by use of force..."

Said by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at an international conference today..and with a straight face.

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Anonymous said...

The Russians have the slickest pr machine on the planet. There words are carefully written and spoken to appeal to the political left in Western Europe and in the US. Since the main stream media is more sympathetic to the American and Western European political left than they are to any other group, this ensures Russian leaders will get wide distribution. Since they speak lide leftists and they check American power, they also receive fawning praise that goes far and wide. In addition to this, Russia has outrigth lackeys who are well placed in the main stream media, the US government, and the governments of Western European nations.

In summary, Russia has the most sophisticated public relations machine on the planet. America has the most feeble public relations machine on the planet. Russia has declared Aemrica to be its main enemy. With this situation it should surprise no one that America finds itself not very poupluar right now.

Russia also has a military that is every bit equal to the Americans and in some key areas is vastly superior. Russia should be dominating the world like it has never been dominated before. What has held them back?

I think it is there extreme arrogance. As a result of the invasion of Georgia, foreign investment seems to be leaving the country rapidly. Also, the invasion of Georgia has set a dangerous precedent. South Ossetia was essentially torn from Georgia. Now many Russian territories want to break away from Russia!! With this move Mr.Putin has managed to spook investors that his country could really use and he has managed to agitate quite a number of provinces in his country to seek independence from Russia. Russia's heavy handed actions in the provinces have not helped much either.

If Russia had not invaded Georgia and had treated their subjects with dignity they would still be the most powerful country on earth. The invasion of Georgia was completely unneccessary.

If we are alert, we might be able to take advantage of Russian arrogance. Unfortunately we seem to be to divided politically right now to capitalize. I hope and pray I'm wrong.