Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Synagogue In Jerusalem Reopens After 70 Years..

One of the lies the fair and balanced dinosaur media constantly repeats that absolutely infuriates me is the quaint little phrase `traditionally Arab East Jerusalem.'

The part they never mention is that Jerusalem was always a majority Jewish city until 1948 - when the Arabs ethnically cleansed every Jews from the territory they captured. I'll never forget the time I was watching some Arab on CNN screaming about how this house had been in his family for centuries..while the camera man grabbed a quick shot of the right side of the house's doorway, where you could clearly see where the mezuzah, a ritual object placed on every Jewish home had been ripped away.

In that illegal occupation which lasted two decades, Jews were forbidden access to their holy places and over twenty eight synagogues in the Old City were desecrated or destroyed.

Today, one of them was reconsecrated for prayer after its reconstruction, Ohel Yitzhak Synagogue in Jerusalem, located 100 meters from the Temple Mount.

Ohel Yitzhak, originally built in 1904 used to be part of a neighborhood of 5,000 Jews and their families in 'traditionally Arab East Jerusalem until they were driven by the murderous violence of th eproponents of the Religion of Peace. During the period of Jordanian rule that ended in 1967 with the Six Day War, the synagogue was almost totally destroyed, and a book store was opened up on the ground floor of the synagogue, the only part of the building left intact.

The Arabs,as you might expect, are livid about this. There's nothing that enrages a thief so much as having to give up part of the loot he stole, I suppose, something the Qu'ran devotes a decent amount of space to.

In reality, the Arabs should be thankful the Israelis allow them to continue to squat in Jerusalem, particularly those Arabs that aren't Israeli citizens and live there solely due to the tolerance of the Jews. That sort of tolerance would not be reciprocated if the shoe was on the other foot...nor has it ever been:

"We are here today to mark the return of a Jewish presence to this house of prayer," said Rabbi Shmuel Rabbinovitz, rabbi of the Western Wall and the holy sites. "This synagogue is place of prayer and peace." {...}

Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski also rejected claims that reopening the synagogue was a belligerent act.

"I am astounded when I hear people who attempt to turn a simple act of restoration into a battle for control. This synagogue was deserted because of Arab violence. But that does not mean what we are doing now is violent just because some people say it is," he said.

Indeed. As if the Arabs didn't have first hand knowledge of what real religious violence is..

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