Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The (ZZzzzz) Debate - And A Few Helpful Hints For John McCain

Anyone expecting fireworks from this one was sorely disappointed.

As a matter of fact, the ratings were substantially lower than they were for the Palin/Biden match up, which suggests to me that the race is solidifying and a lot of people have already made up their minds.

Certainly John McCain did nothing much to affect that.

A good part of the reason for that, and for the boring aspect of the debate can be traced to the farcical 'moderating' of Leftist ex-Talking Head Tom Brokaw, who selected questions deliberately designed to keep Obama in his comfort zone and avoid areas like voter fraud, past associations like Bill Ayers,Tony Rezco, Khalid Mansour, immigration, abortion, guns,or courts. Plus, Brokaw devoted almost the entire debate to feel-good economics questions, leaving foreign policy to be covered incompletely in the last half hour.

When Gwen Ifill tried to do this to Sarah Palin, she simply refused to go along with Ifill's agenda and made her case to the voters. Her running mate apparently couldn't bring himself to do the same, which meant that even though the debate was essentially a draw, Obama won by default.

A few points for Senator McCain...nobody cares about what good buddies you are with Russ Feingold and Teddy Kennedy. And at this point, yakking about how Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan did it back in the good ol' days (Mac mentioned this at least twice) isn't going to win friends and influence people.

When Obama outright lies, you need to counter him swiftly and unapologetically. When he spouts the talking point about how 95% of Americans will get a tax cut, you need to tell the American people that the Chosen One wants to raise the payroll and capital gains taxes, which will affect anyone that owns stock or property or a small business of any kind and will lead to higher prices for goods and services, inflation and layoffs.

When Obama slides by on something, as he did after his incestuous relationship with Fannie Mae and the money he received was brought up, underline the fact that he failed to address it, to make sure nobody misses it.

If a tool like Brokaw won't go near it, you need to talk to the American people and remind them of Obama's questionable alliances with people who really don't like this country. You need to mention his stance on abortion.

When Obama pontificates about energy, you need to remind the American people that the reason they're paying what they're paying for gas at the pump is because Obama and his party have stonewalled every attempt in Congress to utilize America's energy resources...which is why we haven't built a gasoline refinery in the US for twenty years.If the Chosen One dares to mention clean coal, you need to remind the American people that his running mate is on tape saying that there will be no coal plants in an Obama administration.

When Obama talks about General Petraeus and 'our brave troops' you need to cut him to ribbons, reminding the American people that Obama voted to cut off funds to our troops in harm's way and that when his pals at MoveOn put out the Petraeus-Betray us ad, Obama refused to vote for a senate resolution condemning it. And in fact, he did everything but call General Petraeus a liar to his face when he testified before Congress. You need to tell Obama that however much he might want to jump on that bandwagon now, he felt very differently about our troops a few months ago, an example of flawed and dangerous judgment.

When the Chosen One yaks it up about Pakistan,you need to smile and remind him of his own words about invading Waziristan, an area the size of Texas with two brigades. You need to make the point that his intemperate remarks helped undermine Musharraf, a US ally, and that his shooting off his mouth constituted irresponsible behavior almost unique in American politics.. You need to jokingly remind him that reading a map can be helpful, and that he ought to realize that Afghanistan is landlocked, that 75% of the supplies for our troops come through Karachi and that the last time we attacked Waziristan the Pakistanis cut off supplies to our troops for a couple of days.

You need to tell the American people that Obama's flawed and dangerous judgment would create a hostile Pakistan, doom our efforts in Afghanistan and result in chaos,just as the policies he wanted for Iraq would have.

Write those words on your sleeve, Senator McCain...'flawed and dangerous judgment.' Instead of ridiculous nonsense about how bi-partisan you are and how you're going to pander, repeat that four times in the next debate. Show the American people exactly how 'presidential' the Chosen One is.

If you're not man enough to do the heavy lifting I'll do it for you. Or maybe send in Sarah Palin to do the job.

You've got one more debate and two weeks to turn this around, Senator. And frankly, I don't feel like seeing the country handed over to dangerous and inexperienced hands because you feel like you're too good to do what's necessary. Man up.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure at this point how an Obama presidency would turn out, however, As an income tax accountant it seems to me that raising payroll taxes and capital gains taxes would be devestating to the economy right now or at any time!!

If you raise payroll taxes, employers will hire fewer people. I've seen this happen whenever local and state governments raise payroll taxes. This has a direct negative effect on employment.

As for capital gains taxes, when a wealthy investor sells property for a gain he or she invessts the net proceeds less taxes back into the economy as a whole. Even if the proceeds go into a savings account, the bank lends it out to others who invest in things that employ workers. If the government takes more, this means there is less being invested in the kinds of things that employ workers. To raise both payroll taxes and capital gains taxes right now would seem to me to be a devestating one/two punch to the economy right now.

Now I'm not the smartest guy in the world, however, I hear that Warren Buffet is being considered for a possible position in a potential Obama Administration. Mr. Buffet is one of the smartest guys in the world. If I can figure out that raising both capital gains taxes and payroll taxes would likely be devestating to the economy right now, then I know Mr. Buffet has. Perhaps he will advise Mr. Obama to rethink this and perhaps Mr. Obama and his other advisors will listen.

On another note, the market has been pummeled lately. I doubt many people have much property left that they could sell at a gain. A better tax plan would be to allow people to fully expense losses on the sale of capital property rather than limiting it to 3,000 per year.

Anonymous said...

The debate cetainly broke with the pattern that the Mccain campaign had established of attacking harder. But maybe, they chose not to take any risks on this one and save the bombshells for the final debate...if that's any better.

Anonymous said...

Man up.

you want an october surprise?

this is the final month of campaign to elect the president of the united states.
it is not just any election or campaign. the current occupant of the white house, due to his selection of vice-president has left this race wide open.

so, you want an october surprise?
well do ya' punk?
replace jmac with hilla.

can you imagine what the next debate would be like?????????

Freedom Fighter said...

Well guys, we'll see what happens.I certainly haven't given up yet, but McCain needs to make his case a lot better than this.

Like I said, if JMac isn't up to the job, I'll happily do it for him..or better yet, Sarah THAT would be a must-see event!



Brian said...

I do not know if McCain will hit Obama hard, as he has very rarely, if ever, pressed any democrat on any subject of a political liberal or democrat nature. He has, however severely chastised many republican and conservative politicians for having a conservative viewpoint.
But that is also beside the point, as McCain will want to be seen as being a "nice guy" and a gentleman and will not say or do what is necessary to win the election. I also do not believe that he will do the measures that will be necessary if he became the President, as he has always been a “Maverick” of the Republican Party and has forever been reaching across the aisle to the liberal democrat side of congress so much, often, and far that I have to consider him to be at the least to be a very leftist liberal with very few Republican or conservative positions.
However, Sarah Palin, I believe would make an excellent President. Despite her relative inexperience on the national or global level, her instincts and her basic good judgment along with a healthy dose of common sense would provide her with excellent tools to meet the responsibilities as President Of The United States Of America.

Anonymous said...

But that is also beside the point,

let me state how much i don't understand your point in making that statement.
because that is exactly the point.
your first para. completely sums up jmac to a "t".
the only thing i think you didn't say is that if jmac attempts to define hussein, hussein will define jmac in the terms you used and that will be nails in his campaign coffin.
you may very well have said that and i didn't comprehend it.
as it stands, i believe arizona has produced another barry goldwater.

OT comment:
i know it was not intentional, but the way the word processor wrapped your comment, the last sentence came out on it's own single line.
when viewed in that manner, it is indeed a very impressive title.

Right Truth said...

McCain's no Palin, as we all know. That is an unfortunate truth. Change the debate last night, put Palin in McCain's place. Now, that would have been a DEBATE!

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth