Monday, February 16, 2009

JoshuaPundit's Headlines, 2/16/09, PM Updates

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General Motors' High-Wire Bankruptcy Act

With no budget, California to cut 20000 state jobs - of course,the Democrats in Sacramento could agree to slash spending and some of their expensive pet projects, maybe even deal with California's illegal alien problem to save the state billions in services ...but that would be wrong. I have a great deal of empathy for people who work in the public sector who's' positions are being eliminated but we simply cannot continue spending, nor can we tax our way out of this.

Chuck Schumer is getting a special gift from the masses

Folks irked by Obama coins that are simply stickers placed on 50 cent pieces ...
Too funny..with the help of Montel Williams, these cheesy 'commemorative coins' were hocked to the gullible disciples of the ObamaMessiah and turned out to be cheap stickers pasted on quarters and fifty cent pieces, at $19.95 a pop plus shipping and handling. Not the change they were looking for , I guess! Heh!

Was Candidate Obama's "Civilian National Security Force" just established by Directive 1404.10? - Doug Ross reminds us of Obama's pledge to establish a paramilitary "civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as our military and wonders if this latest Executive order could be the basis to put it together.

Masterpiece Jew Haters Seraphic Secret's Robert Avrech dissects a recent PBS offering so bad he though he was watching al-Jazeera.

An Urgent Memo to the next Government -Caroline Glick's latest concerns missile defense.

Pakistan makes a Taliban truce, creating a haven - The Swat Valley is now under Taliban control. Lovely.

Clinton says a North Korea missile launch unhelpful - I suppose she would know...and so would her husband's Secretary of State, Madeline Albright!

Israel's Olmert confirms Pope to visit in May - I suppose Benedict and the Jews have ironed out some of their differences.

Pope Benedict to meet Pelosi — In spite of his reinstituting the old mass, I guess the Pope isn't that much of a traditionalist. Not if he would grant a Papal Audience to a major proponent of unlimited abortion..

Israel seizes land for settlement expansion This is what the AP considers a neutral straight news story these days....Israel sets aside some state-owned vacant land to deal with the natural growth of a Jewish community in Judea and build houses for its citizens and that's characterized as 'seizing land' ( as if anyone was living on it) for 'settlement expansion'. Needless to say, they found a group of lefty self-hating Jews posing as a 'peace' organization to come up with some dandy quotes. And of course, no one questions the inherent racism of the Arabs being unable to tolerate a single Jew in the lands the Arabs covet for a second Arab Palestinian state..

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