Monday, February 16, 2009

Love That Stimulus!!

Chris Muir's Day By Day, of course! ( Click on the cartoon to make it larger)


Anonymous said...

This whole situation is just depressing! Is there nothing we can do?Maybe, just maybe there is. In he interest of doing something,(anything!) I have established a website to try to arouse some of display of unity on the right, if nothing else. It is Please pardon me for plugging it here. Pardon me also for not providing an actual link, I'm just not that slick!(yet)
That having been said, your article below re: foreign policy almost makes it seem like this (the spendulous bill) is of no moment. Will anyone even be around to pay these bills? BHO makes me fear for my children.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi CA,

Here's your link for anyone who wants to check out your site.

RE: Foreign policy - what I'mmore afraid of is that the current occupant of the White House and his enablers in Congress have disarmed us by using up funds that would allow us tofight a war if we needed to.

" The sinews of war - unlimited money" - Cato

Ymarsakar said...

You know they are going to "cut the deficit" by killing defense programs, Rob. That's how they always go about it. Gott aget the "Peace Dividend" dontcha, and it don't matter whose sons and daughters have to die. It ain't gonna be theirs, that is for sure.