Thursday, February 26, 2009

JoshuaPundit's Headlines, 2/26/09

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$750 Billion More for Bank be proposed by Fearless Leader, AKA Obama - Un-freaking believable. He had to know this was coming, yet he pushed through that ridiculous 'stimulus'....amateur hour, people.

Hope 'n Change..New Obama Budget proposes nearly $1 TRILLION IN NEW TAXES

$634billion for Obama's `health-Care Fund'...ouch!

A Radical Presidency - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal

Obama's Straw Men - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal

Obama plans to raise revenue via carbon caps - Translation? He's going to bankrupt the coal industry...and we already know how th eadministration feels about domestic oil drilling.

President Takes Aim at Foreign Profits He wants to dramatically increase the taxes on the foreign profits of US multinationals. And yes, it will affect you and your job in a bad way.

Israel's Netanyahu plans to figh trecession by cutting taxes and wasteful spending - I guess he's seen what works, having done it before...

Obama seeks assault weapons ban, further gun controls..- you had to know this was coming...

Slo-Joe Biden gets caught in another whopper This time, in a response to Governor Jindal's speech, where Biden claimed that Louisiana was losing 400 jobs a day. Turns out Slo-Joe was just a mite mistaken...

Plot Thickens: Rod Blagojevich Hired Roland Burris' Son - Hey, it's the Chicago way...and now it's nationwide.

Syrian ambassador to meet top US diplomat in Washington- Yes, things are warming up between Assad and Obama..

Bibi against talks with a Hamas-PA government Looks like the future leader of Israel is going to have some serious disagreements with the current occupant of the White House when it comes to dealing with genocidal terrorists. I hope Netanyahu sticks to his guns on this one.

Pakistani Army Colonel 'Was Involved' in Mumbai Terror Attacks - hey, what a surprise, hmm?

Iran disapproves US special adviser on the Persian Gulf - Originally, that was supposed to be Dennis Ross, but seeing as he's a stinkin' Jooo, the Mullahs said no. So Ross will take southwest Asia ( Pakistan, India, etc.) instead.

Israel launches campaign against UN nuke watchdog chief - Now, this is interesting. Apparently Israel is tired of laying down for Inspector Clouseau ( AKA Mohaammaed El Baradi, head of the UN's IAEC and his lame coverups fro Iran and Syria...meanwhile, Iranian Envoy: IAEA's Repetitious Reports Should Be Stopped .

Misstating the Constitution - Steve Chapman at the Chicago Tribune weighs in on the DC 'voting rights' nonsense.

The Iran-Israel Nuclear End Game Nears - Edwin Black at the Jerusalem Post looks at the way the chess pieces are positioned....

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