Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Democrats Shut Republicans Out Of Back Room Stimulus Negotiations

* End the Practice of Writing Legislation Behind Closed Doors: "As president, Barack Obama will restore the American people's trust in their government by making government more open and transparent. Obama will work to reform congressional rules to require all legislative sessions, including committee mark-ups and conference committees, to be conducted in public."- From President Obama's Change.Gov website ..3rd bullet point down.

Ah well...that was just for the little people to swallow, eh Mr. President?
Today, Democrats from the Senate and the House met behind closed doors to conference and reconcile the final differences between the House and Senate 'stimulus' bills so they agree on a single laudry list to plunder the US treasury. Republicans were completely excluded from the process and it was done without Republican input or public oversight.
This is being shoved through the feeding trough after being concoted behind closed doors with no chance for debate or public oversight...which in a way is just fine.

Now Obama and the Democrats OWN it.

I merely point out yet one more example that all the nonsense we heard before about bi-partisanship, transparency and ethics from the president during the campaign was pure horse manure.

Don't expect anything different from the White House during this administration. We're all Chicago now.


Anonymous said...

"Now Obama and the Democrats OWN it."

This is true. Blame Bush will work for about six months to possibly a year. After that this debacle will belong to Obama and the Democrats.

For the sake of the country I hope and pray the economy improves. Unfortunately there is absolutely way this so called stimulus plan can possibly work. In fact, it is absolutely guaranteed to make things worse. Only an evil person or a complete idiot would come up with such a plan.

Given that the so called stimulus plan is guarnateed to fail and the Democrats own it, in a reasonalby fair election the Democrats would be handing control of the House and Senate to the Republicans. It makes me wonder just what are they thinking.

Normally I'm not given to conspiracy theories. First of all I do not think the Democrats are idiots. This means they may not plan to hold elections in 2010. They may be planning to use some "crisis" to cancel them.

Finally, if the economy does improve, it will not be because of the so called stimulus plan. It will be in spite of the stimulus plan. This so called stimulus plan is the exact opposite of a stimulus plan.

Anonymous said...

Another possibility is the stimulus plan is simply for political show as a way to appease Democratic constituencies then when it actually comes time to actaully implement the programs some excuse will be made for either canceling some of the spendin out right or by watering it down. In any event, this is not good.

Much of the spenind will eventually either need to be canceled or significantly reduced. It is difficult to envision a scenario where foreign debt holders would simply sit back and allow this massive spending bill to go forward un heeded.

Rosey said...

That the Dems own it is a good thing from a republican point of view, since it is doomed to fail.

But here's a yikes: what if the economy recovers in spite of the package? Obama & the Dems will declare victory, that they saved America, patting themselves on the back and denouncing again & again Bush & the evil Neocons & their 8 years of failed policies blah blah blah...They'll actually believe they saved the day, and it will become political lore and a case study in universities all over this once great nation...(Rosey awakes in a cold sweat to the raucous ringing of his alarm clock, relieved that it was all just a bad dream...)

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Rosey, Poster.

No matter how much of a failure it is, it will be presented by the Left and the media as a 'success'..ewspecially considering that the Chosen One 'inherited Bush's recession.'

Remember, even though the New Deal arguably lengthened and worsened the Depression, these same people call it a great success.

It's Orwell's Newspeak.