Friday, February 20, 2009

Netanyahu To Form Center Right Israeli Coalition

Israeli president Shimon Peres has formally given Likud Leader Bibi Netanyahu the task at forming anew Israeli government.

Peres had suggested that Netanyahu form a 'unity government' that would include Kadima, And Netanyahu had voiced his approval for the idea. However Tzipi Livni, the leader of Kadima has once again said she would not even consider it unless Netanyahu agreed to 'rotate' with her as Prime Minister:

Netanyahu, who was the first to meet Peres, told the president that he understood the need for a unity government. "Immediately after you task me with forming the coalition, I will invite Kadima for negotiations," said the Likud leader.

"I'm willing to go far in order to establish such a government," he stated.

Shortly after their meeting concluded, Livni arrived at the president's residence in Jerusalem. After the meeting she said: "Whoever is willing to forsake all his values in order to sit in the coalition is unworthy to sit in that spot. There is a coalition here based on a lack of political vision, a coalition that will not allow me to exercise the way of Kadima.

"A broad coalition has no value if it does not lead the way. I cannot be a cover for a lack of way," added Livni.

Livni's associates stressed that unless Netanyahu agrees to rotation, "there's nothing to talk about."

Actually, this works out well for Netanyahu and for Israel. The Leftist parties, Labor and Meretz declined to endorse Livni or Netanyahu, while Netanyahu got the endoirsement of 65 MKs who will be part of a center/right coalition.

Livni only got the endorsement of her own party, Kadima with 28 seats. By placing herself outside the government nad slapping his hand away , she makes Netanyahu look magnanimous an dherself look even more self-centered and ridiculous - if that's possible for Livni. Kadima will likely disintegrate outside of government, with most of its Leftists migrating back to Labor and most of its ex-Likud members rejoining Likud.

And considering how the country has fared under the Kadima/Labor government, Israel is much better off with them marginalized and out of power. Especially given the challenges that lie ahead.

Oh, and I almost forgot...Hamas made this official by referring to Netanyahu as Israel's 'most dangerous politician.'

As far as I'm concerned, that's an endorsement in Bibi's favor...


Anonymous said...

We in America need a leader like Bibi. Perhaps in 2010 we can make some changes to Congress and then in 2012 the White House. That is assuming Obama manages to last that long.

Ymarsakar said...

Hamas considers somebody else dangerous? Amazing.