Monday, February 16, 2009

JoshuaPundit's Headlines, 2/16/08

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Breaking: Sam Donaldson To Retire From ABC News. I'll miss the sound of him baying at press conferences like a bloodhound in heat...

Kansas suspending Income Tax Refunds... Hey, what's good for California....Notice, BTW that Alaska, governed by the supposedly none-to-bright Sarah Palin has a surplus and is paying not only tax refunds but the dividend to residents that comes from the oil money!

Democrats May Be Headed to Showdown With Obama Over Bush Probes - The Angry Left really really really wants those show trials. Obama will likely go along in the end.

Rehab for Jihadists - Stephen Hayes & Thomas Joscelyn, Weekly Standard

Perjury or not, Burris shows he is at least a liar — Mark Brown in the Chicago Sun-Times

Student Sues LA College Over Right to Give Anti-Gay Marriage Speech

NY Muslim Charged with Beheading His Wife - Another honor killing in America.

1900% Beer Tax Hike Proposed in Oregon...Break out the torches and pitchforks!!

The British Authorities Surrendering to Extremism- From AJ Millar via the Brussels Journal

Referendum vote allows Chavez to run again - Hugo Chavez - President For Life..

IDF: World duped by Hamas's false civilian death toll figures - but you knew that, right?

Livni: Give up parts of ‘Land of Israel’ - 'Land for peace' again hmmm. After all, it's worked so well in the past!
I am so tired of this incompetant quisling with the greasy hair and a mouth that keeps advocating dangerous policy... if it can be called that.

Hamas says it awaits Israel's response on Gaza truce - Stunning...Hamas is still firing rockets at Israel, Gilad Shalit is still a prisoner and Hamas expects Israel to go along with the program?

Russia Says They Will Not Toughen Policy Toward Iran - told ya so.

Iran official to US: Chess better game than boxing - Nothing like insulting the Great Satan, hmmm?

WTA could drop Dubai after Israel's Shahar Peer refused visa - I wouldn't bet on the Women's Tennis Association doing any such thing just because of a lil' Arab Jew hatred.Cowards denied Peer a visa at the very last possible moment too, after saying she could come and compete. UPDATE: Turns out I was right

The Writing is on the Synagogue Wall - Denis MacShane, Times of London

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