Wednesday, February 04, 2009

JoshuaPundit's Headlines, 2/04/09

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Obama backs down on 'Buy American' after EU trade war threat... President wuss...I gues those Europeans don't like him so much after all.

Obama economic plan now tops $900 billion... Turn on the printing presses...

Stimulus Is More Debt We Don't Need - Senator Tom Coburn, Wall St. Journal

5,000 rejected Minnesota Senate ballots maybe admitted... Minnesota, the election that will not end.

AP: ' The new president, seen by some as arrogant'... awww...lover's quarrel?

NY TIMES to charge online access fees? Pravda-on-the Hudson's death squirms. I hope they go through with will just speed things up.

Vatican: Holocaust denier must recant... Now they're claiming His Holiness didn't know about these people's views? Che lastima. Or in Benedict's case, das is sehr aber schade. ( A real pity. And unbelievable). The Pope would do far better to simply admit he made an error if that's how he feels, revoke the lifting of the excommunication and move on. I truly feel for him, as he's caught in the middle between powers that be in the Vatican and the voices of concerned Catholics.

Obama's Charm Offensive & the Global Jihad - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe

Cheney Warns of New Attacks - a prognosis and analysis by someone who definitely knows what he's talking about.

Get Out of Afghanistan, Too - A Leftard from the US State Department begins what's sure to be a chorus of calls for us to we can cut the defense budget to pay for the trillion dollar Obama stimulus.

Afghanistan: A Dream That Will Not Come True.- Michael Yon agrees withhim, for very different reasons.

The Stasi tactics of the BBC - Melanie Phillip's latest ( the Stasi, BTW, were East Germany's Secret Police)

Israel's surge to the Right - Carl In Jerusalem looks at the numbers...

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