Thursday, February 12, 2009

Geert Wilders Arrested At Heathrow - Denied Entry Into UK

So freedom goes....not with a roar but with a cringe and a whimper from the British government.

Wilders got off the plane, was arrested, questioned in a detention center and refused entry. He says he'll simply return to Holland.

Have a good laugh at this quote from a Home Office spokesman too cowardly(ashamed?) to identify himself:

"The government opposes extremism in all its forms," said a Home Office spokesman, who would not be identified, in line with policy. "It will stop those who want to spread extremism, hatred and violent messages in our communities from coming to our country."

Heard what sort of language is being used in Londonistan's mosques lately? Have you been living in a cave while jihadists have been walking the streets and sparking violent riots all over England while your riot police run for cover? Noticed what's been going on with Britain's Jews?

Agree or disagree with Wilders, he deserved a fair hearing for putting his own life in danger by coming to Britain, if nothing else. But it appears that in today's Britain, peace at any price is preferable.

I remember a quote from a famous English hero at a similar time in Britain's history: You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war."

If he were alive today, I doubt he would recognize the country who's freedom he labored so diligently to save.

Britain has made its choice and will have to live with the consequences.


Anonymous said...

The bicentenary of the birth of the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln. The bicentenary of Charles Darwin's birth. --&, yet, we still have to deal with such elementary evils as censorship of the opinions of peaceful, pro-peace individuals in the West. How ironic & sad. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose. The more things change, the more that it is the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Yokel hangs his head in shame.

Christian Atheist said...

I'm even more reminded of another Brit's words." Peace in our time!"
Shameful, just shameful. I'm more frightened everyday.

Christian Atheist said...

I know how you feel Yokel. Those are my people eating their own across the North Sea from you!

Ymarsakar said...

When is the US going to have to threaten retaliatory MIRV launches on Europe if their nukes either fall into terrorist hands or are launched from European (Muslim) control?

When a Khomeini coup occurs, before, after?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for having to disagree with you on this issue. It is really unfortunate as I've been on your side about Obama.

I respect Britain for acknowledging that extremism in all its form is bad. It will only spur hatred and facism.

Why is it nowadays when someone attacks Islam they are defended on the basis of freedom of speech even when they are clearly preaching hatred.

What about those bishops who were heavily criticised and eventualy one of them was removed by the Society of St Pius X just for having an opinion denying the holocaust. Doesn't he deserve to have the same freedom to belive what he wants?

Nowadays people have forgotten that freedom comes with responsibilities. You can't have one and abandon the other.

To use your logic, Wilders has chosen to express his freedom and therefore he has to bare and live with the consequences of the choices he made. Same goes for the holocaust-denying bishops.

It is unfair for you to judge the whole Muslim community just from the act of several extrimist.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Kirk,
First of all, thanks for having the courage to disagree with the consensus on this thread. That's never easy.

As I think you know, this is hardly a 'hate Islam' site, but unfortunately, if we're being honest we have to acknowledge that the radical, jihadist form of Islam is growing in influence, largely through the Saudi wahabist control of mosques and madrassahs in America through ISNA. ( a search on this site will goive you quite a bit of reading material on this subject).

I oppose this not only because of the attitude towards women, Jews and other non-believers but because I don't want to end up having to hide my Muslim friends in my basement from the mobs.

The Wilders bit in Britain, however, is a different story.

Wilders' position is essentially that existing laws in the EU that ban speech and writings that encourage racism and violence(ie Mein Kampf) should also be applied to the Qu'ran and to certain mosques and Imams. Agree with it or not, it is a legitimate legal argument for debate if you hav eactually read the Qu'ran and Hadiths and more importantly, look at the use some Muslims have made of what's there to justify the most horrendous brutality...much of it perpetrated against fellow Muslims.

And he produced a film, using actual historical events and actual quotations from the Qu'ran as proof of his argument ( as opposed to Holocaust deniers, who deny historical fact and evidence to make theirs).

Another difference is that Holocaust deniers are not living under 24 hour guard or being threatened with death because of their views. Wilders is. And when he was invited to come to England to present those views, the British government was threatened with violent riots by Lord Ahmad, a Muslim Peer ( and incidentally, a Holocaust denier) should he be allowed in the country.

Far from combatting extremism, this has fueled it. First, it has given Muslim extremists a victory that they will use to up the ante to suppress free speech and any criticism of radical Islam, and eventually any opposition to it and its agenda.

Second, by denying Wilders entry, the British government provided him with de facto proof of his arguments that Islam in anti-freedom and there is a double standard going on here, and with invaluable publicity. Downloads and internet views of his movie shot through the roof after this incident, and if there was anti-Muslim sentiment, this encouraged it.

RE: Fitna, a Candian Muslim sent me a video rebutting the film which I put on site, together with my response to the video and an invitation to him to discuss it, which I also sent via e-mail.

It's notable ( and unfortunate) that he chose not to answer.


Ymarsakar said...

Why is it nowadays when someone attacks Islam they are defended on the basis of freedom of speech even when they are clearly preaching hatred.

You don't understand. You see, people seem to buy into the Leftist education meme that hate is bad. Just like violence is a bad thing. War is a bad thing.

But no, hate of evil is a virtuous act and a trait of goodness. Those that don't hate evil, are not virtuous. They may not be full of vice, but they are not virtuous. This is Aristotle I am speaking of. Classical Greek philosophy.