Wednesday, February 18, 2009

JoshuaPundit's Headlines, 02/18/09

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Obama's Governing Style - Tony Blankley, Washington Times

Cheering for Stimulus Buys Into 1930s Myth - Amity Shlaes - the authoress of the best selling history of the Great Depression, "The Forgotten Man" provides some valuable perspective.

Obama Announces $75 Billion Mortgage-Relief Plan - Translation...the One is going to provide a bailout to those people who bought more house than they could afford. And the suckers who actually lived within their means and bought what they could afford are going to pay for it. Pure socialism, folks! To each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs...

Michael Calderone / The Politico:Obama opposes Fairness Doctrine- Let's see how long that lasts!

Allahpundit / Hot Air:New AG Holder: When it comes to race, America is a “nation of cowards” Not bad, Allah!

Newsdesk / Clout St:Roland Burris: ‘Stop the rush to judgment’ - Is Senator Burris channeling Johnny Cochrane?

Manu Raju / The Politico: Burris: ‘I have nothing to hide’

Peter Baker / New York Times: Kansas Governor Is Top Choice for Secretary of Health — OMFG! She can't even run the state budget and they're going to put her in charge of Obama's mandated Guv'mint health care???

ND House Passes Abortion Ban — North Dakota's House of Representatives has passed a bill effectively outlawing abortion. 51-41... this will likely go to the Supreme Court.

Sam Donaldson: Media to End Kid Gloves With Obama — President Barack Obama has yet to get his feet on the ground. George H. W. Bush is underrated, while John F. Kennedy is overrated. Ronald Reagan did indeed help to end the Cold War.… the retiring Sam Donaldson weighs in at a Newsmax interview.

‘I was wrong about disengagement’ — A real pigs flying moment , as President Shimon Peres said today that he made a mistake supporting Israel's retreat from Gaza. I'm sure the Jews who were thrown out of their homes in Gush Katif have a few things to say about Peres' apology. ..

'Shalit breakthrough not in cards' - Apparently Hamas prefers to hold on to Gilad Shalit...which if Olmert is telling the truth means the border crossings stay closed. I think Hamas has something else in mind to pressure Israel via the ' international community'. O rmay be they're just holding out for a better deal.

Likud agrees to Yisrael Beiteinu's core demands - That means Lieberman will probably be in th enew government, and it increasingly looks like Netanyahu is the next PM. This is Israeli politics however, so anything can happen...

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