Wednesday, February 11, 2009

JoshuaPundit's Headlines, 2/11/09

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Sen. Harkin: 'We need the Fairness Doctrine back'... Vote democrat..who needs freedom of speech anyway?

Murphy's Law, the Peter Principle and Barack Obama - Kyle-Anne Shiver

Our Clever President - Tony Blankley, Washington Times

$300 million in stimulus for 'green'golf carts - 'nuff said.

Geithner Can’t Find Gun, Let Alone Silver Bullet - David Reilly, Bloomberg

Agent Claims Evidence on Stevens Was Concealed — An F.B.I. agent who worked on the investigation of Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, who was convicted on ethics charges, has said in a stunning formal complaint that a fellow agent and prosecutors contrived to improperly conceal evidence from the court and the defense. Meanwhile, he's already out of the Senate and a Democrat is in his seat instead.

DC Voting Rights Act passed by Senate Committee - this bill is about giving the overwhelmingly black and Democrat District of Columbia a permanent seat in the House. The next step will be to give them two senate seats, both of which will be Democrat entitlements in perpetuity. I think Marion Barry just found a new job opportunity.

Crude stockpiles jump as gasoline reserves slide - the reason you haven't seen any effect on gas prices is because thanks to the Democrats, we haven't been building refineries. That why oil supplies are high but gasoline supplies are falling.

Dick Morris :Hillary's incredible, shrinking role

Analysis: Election arithmetic puts Netanyahu in the driving seat — Like I said, the Israeli elctorate has shifted right.

Europe fearful about impact of Israeli elections - Horrors! Those evil Jooos might actually elect someone who will stand up to our efforts to destroy them!

Israel Matzav: Who should be Israel's next foreign minister? Carl in Jerusalem speculates..

Russia may allow shipment of Afghan-bound US arms - just do what we tell you, tovarich and all will be well.

US Gets a Punch in the Nose From Russia - Cathy Young, RealClearPolitics

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