Sunday, February 01, 2009

UNRWA Admits IDF Didn't Hit Gaza School

There's a pattern to the disinformation war waged against Israel by the likes of the Palestinians and their allies on the Left. It goes like this:

1)Subject Israel's civilians to attacks to provoke an IDF response.

2)Make sure you use Arab women,children and other noncombatants as human shields to hide behind when firing rockets, storing ammo, shooting at IDF troops etc. and stop the civilians from leaving.

3) When the Israelis do finally respond, get some useful idiot from the UN, the EU or the dinosaur media to wail about disproportionate responses, civilian casualties and human rights violations. Use the term massacre, invoke the Holocaust to libel the Jews as Nazis ( goes over especially well in Europe) and provide lotsa gory photographs, even if you have to fake them.

After the headlines, the facts come out,but that's no big deal - the impression of the IDF as a bunch of ruthless babykillers has already been repeated in the media ad nauseum and sticks nicely.

The Pals have worked this scam numerous times, including Mohammed al-Dura, Jenin,the Gaza Beach 'massacre' caused by Hamas' own landmines and a score of other occasions.

The latest example is the accusation that the IDF deliberately targeted a UN school amplified by John Ging, the director of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Gaza, a major aider and abettor of terrorism in the Strip.

Now, almost a month later, the UN has admitted that the IDF never fired at the school to begin with.

Ging, of course is lying ( as the LA Times link shows)and claiming he never told anyone the Israelis fired on the school. Characteristically, he's laying the blame for the 'confusion' on Israel..because the IDF,in the haze of battle, responded to Ging and the UN's accusations by saying quite truthfully that their targets were gunmen sheltering among noncombatants.

"Look at my statements," he said. "I never said anyone was killed in the school. Our officials never made any such allegation." Yet the paper also cited an official UN weekly report three days after the attack, saying that "Israeli shelling directly hit two UNRWA schools," which helped spread the misconception worldwide.

But Ging still questioned the attack itself, no matter where the mortars had hit.

"I know no one was killed in the school," Ging told the paper. "But 41 innocent people were killed in the street outside the school. Many of those people had taken refuge in the school and wandered out onto the street. The state of Israel still has to answer for that. What did they know and what care did they take?"

Ging, of course, has never had anything derogatory to say about Hamas targeting Israeli civilians, deliberately aiming rockets at schools in Israel or using civilians as human shields. Mr.Ging apparently has no problem with that whatsoever.Neither does the UN.Nor will any humanitarian aid be going to those Israelis who were injured, lost loved ones or had their homes destroyed in places like Sderot.The UN couldn't care less.

Nor should anyone expect them to, really. They're on Hamas' side in this and would love it if Israel no longer existed. Jew hatred is in fashion again at the UN, if indeed it was ever unfashionable.

Why the media goes along with this horse manure is another question, but I suspect the answers are similar.

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