Friday, February 20, 2009

JoshuaPundit's Headlines, 2/20/09

All the links you need and nothing you don't... make sure to check back for updates.:

UN: IRAN HAS ENOUGH URANIUM FOR NUKE BOMB... Mark my words - Iran will test a nuclear weapon in 2009. Of course, it's long been my opinion that they actually have them by now, and are just lagging behind on th eability to deliver them. If you think about it, that explains a great deal.

Netanyahu will form next Israeli government... It's official. And so far, Tzipi Livni and Kadima are out of the picture.

Hamas: Israel picked 'most dangerous' politician to lead it - Hmm...Hamas considers Netanyahu the most dangerous...and that's bad why?

LIMBAUGH: Mr. President, Keep the Airwaves Free... Viva El Rushbo! A must read in the Wall Street Journal.

Illinois Governor Calls On Senator Burris To Resign - Heh!

AP Interview: Transportation secretary says taxing how much we drive may replace gasoline tax — Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood now says he wants to consider taxing us based on how many miles we drive rather than by the gas we purchase. In th efirst place, does that mean that th eFeds are going to place gps devices in our cars so they can track where we drive? And in the second place, I guarantee you that any gasoline taxes the Feds replace will be grabbed by the states, so count on a tax increase if this happens.

Update: Obama nixes plan to tax motorists on mileage... "Shut your damn mouth LaHood or I'm sending your a** back to Michigan in a box!"

Obama Promotes Bad-Mortgage Behavior - Larry Kudlow, National Review

Michelle Malkin: “This is our house now:” ACORN mob begins breaking into homes — ACORN is getting a jump already on Obama's proposed mortgage entitlement program.

A 'Frank' Conversation About Race - Heather Mac Donald in the City Journal takes exception to AG Holder's remarks in fine fashion.

Obama's Supine Diplomacy — Another hit by Charles Krauthammer....

NATO reinforces commitment to Ukraine - If I were the Ukranians, I'd look at how certain members of NATO 'handled' their committment in Afghanistan and I wouldn't exactly be reassured...

US Stocks Tumble, Sending Dow Below Lowest Close in 11 Years - Gotta love that 'stimulus'!

Another tricky year for the Oscars - Just in case you care..

Guantánamo Meets Geneva Rules , Study Finds - And this is in the NY Times, no less! I wonder - is Obama planning on using it himself, in spite of all the noise to the contrary? Just another lil' shift for the Chosen One..

Hamas tells Israel it will not surrender captured soldier - SO I guess Gilad Shalit stays a hostage.


Anonymous said...

lemme get this bullseye up here where ff can see it......there we go.
like he needs a target.
reading the link from bloomberg about the stock tumble, i have come to the conslusion, i think, that this is just one big dimocratic smokescreen.
i got a guy who comes into my store who says they're getting ready for some lay offs where he works. hughes tool. he says it isn't gonna be enough though. i asked him what he meant and he said they should be laying off more, to get rid of the dead wood, but can't afford to, even with the downturn.
i read somewhere else that only 2% of the mortgages are not being paid and that 5% were delinquent.
how can we have such a toxic asset market with such a small percentage causing all this uproar.
the bloomberg article said chiquita is down 43%. so we stop paying our mortgage and stop eating bananas?????
i was thinking that maybe some of this negative in the immediate aftermath of passing the pork spending bill would maybe get some ones attention. but then i got to thinking, we got a marxist in the white house. this is exactly what he wants to happen. the destruction of the market economy. willy ayers must be having an orgasm with each breath he takes.
and no one cares.
none of this matters.
and maybe ff,for the upteenth time, will tell me that the US is a strong nation and it will right itself.
but what if the people who want to right it are in the minority and those who get money for nothing are voting for hussein?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie,

To answer your question, if that happens, we'll no longer be a democratic republic. But I don't see that in the cards just yet.

Remember that Margaret Thatcher quote about th eproblem with Socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people's money?

That's essentially what happened to the Soviet Union.

It's been over thirty years since Cwazy Unkie Jimmie last tried to wreck the US economy, and a lot of people have simply th ecureent occupant of th eWhite House had Bush to run against and an activist media shilling for him.

That lesson will be learned again, and this time I expect it to be a harder lesson, but it will be learned. And yeah, I have confidence in that.

Have a great weekend, OK?


Ymarsakar said...

The Housing Crisis was partially engineered. When a planned demolition is in the works, you don't need much of a percentage in explosive weight vs the building. Skill is the key here, and Soros type financial manipulation of the banks, of course. The infamous "Bank Run" during the election that forced Congress to either panic or spend.

but what if the people who want to right it are in the minority and those who get money for nothing are voting for hussein?

Then you do what the People's Republic of Haven did.

That lesson will be learned again, and this time I expect it to be a harder lesson, but it will be learned. And yeah, I have confidence in that.

Pain teaches lessons. That's how nature intended it. The problem with the past few years is that while the US Marines were in Fallujah fighting a battle on death ground, the average American, voting or non-voting, was at the mall. They never felt the pain. All they got was demoralization programs from the media that "felt" like pain, but they didn't know the real deal. They couldn't have known the real deal. They were either too young, foolish, or ignorant to realize it. Too much of a dupe, with too much latte sipping blackjack gambling money.