Sunday, February 15, 2009

JoshuaPundit's headlines, 2/15/09

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Federal obligations exceed world GDP... Thank you, Congress!

And speaking of the 'stimulus' Here's a good look at some of what's in it.

Schwarzenegger Rushes to Secure Votes to End California's Budget Impasse... Ah-nold and the bandits in Sacramento are working to complete the destructionof what was once the Golden State.

Barack Obama sends bust of Winston Churchill on its way back to Britain — The current occupant of the White House decided to send a gift bust of Churchill that was in the Oval Office back to the sender. That's actually highly appropriate, since neither Obama nor the current British government would be admired in the least by Sir Winton...and vice versa.

Nothing Fair About Fairness Doctrine - Nolan Finley, Detroit News

Poll. Most Americans dont want the Fairness Doctrine but believe Democrats will enforce it against their will- Rasmussen crunches the numbers.

Michael Calderone / The Politico:Axelrod punts on fairness doctrine - rest assured, they're going to try to pull it off...but only on conservative talk radio, of course. Some more good stuff on this at Hot Air, and THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS

Washington Post: Israel's Step Backward — This has to be one of the silliest editorials ever to appear in the WAPO. As usual, it's those stubborn Jooos and their insistence on being able to live as free men and women where they choose that's the problem..not the Arabs and their murderous racism or their refusal to take responsibility for solving a refugee problem they caused by attacking Israel! Israel Matzav, Soccer Dad and do a fine job of debunking this nonsense.

Obama administration to push for Likud/Kadima unity government -Arrogant, aren't they?

Burris Changes Story, Lawmakers Call for Perjury Investigation - It seems like Blago's senator pick wasn't totally honest about a quid pro quo. Like I said at the time, Blagojevitch simply found a buyer....and the Dems were too cowardly to insist on vetting Burris properly because of his race. Heh!

General Petraeus: Iran helping the Taliban in Afghanistan

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