Monday, February 09, 2009

The Palestinian Myth

The great Palestinian myth is the myth of the naqbah, ('the catastrophe') which has a narrative that goes something like this..the Arabs were living peacefully in their own country when those wicked Jews invaded and stole their homes.

The above video is a fine revelation of the truth to those who buy this nonsense,in the Arab's own words. Similar sources can be found in Joan Peter's excellent book "From Time Immemorial".

That truth is that the vast majority of Arab 'refugees' left by choice at the urging of their Arab 'brothers', expecting to return after the Arab armies invading Israel (with Britain's overt assistance) performed a second Holocaust. That's why they brought those famous house keys with them.

It's also worth noting that 100,000 Arabs exercised that choice to remain in Israel and become Israeli citizens with full rights. The almost one milion Jews ethnically cleansed from the Arab world after 1948 were not given that kind of alternative.

By the way, a note on Deir Yassin, which the video mentions.It was the Arab chokepoint in the seige of the Jews of Jerusalem, whom the Arabs intended to massacre en masse down to the last child. It was a village fortified and defended by armed fighters to prevent convoys from reaching the besieged Jews, and as such had to be taken out as a military necessity.

While the brave Arab warriors were typically using non-combatants as human shields and some of those non-combatants were killed, the vast majority of the dead in Deir Yassin were armed combatants, despite the mythology, which was exploited by th earabs to encourage the Palestinian Arabs to join in the jihad. But as the video reveals, this tactic backfired as it simply encouraged more of them to leave. The Deir Yassin 'massacre' is about as factual as the Jenin 'massacre'...just another Arab fantasy.

Hatip to Carl in Jerusalem


Ymarsakar said...

Oh come on. When the black spiders of ALlah came to aid the Holy Fighters of Fallujah when the Marines first invaded, you have the delusion to question Arab scholarship on the massacres of peaceful bunnies by savage Israeli pigs?

Freedom Fighter said...

It does surprise me that people continue to swallow this swill, even when they're under attack by the same beast.

BTW,read that book I mentioned Ymarsakar if you haven't already. Highly recommended.


Anonymous said...

It does surprise earrings