Monday, February 23, 2009

A Billion Dollars For Hamas

That's apparently about the amount of your tax dollars Obama wants to pledge to help Hamas rebuild Gaza.

Hey, what recession? It's only somebody else's money, right?

The United States plans to pledge more than $900 million to help rebuild Gaza after Israel's offensive against Hamas and strengthen the Palestinian Authority, a U.S. official said on Monday. The money will be channeled through UN and other bodies and will not be distributed via the militant group Hamas, which rules Gaza, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton plans to make the announcement next week at a Gaza donors conference in Egypt.

Make no mistake about it - UNRWA is in bed with Hamas, hires terrorists and facillitates the attacks on Israel. Any money given to UNRWA will end up in Hamas' hands.As a matter of fact, it already does. Things will be even more cut and dried as soon as the unity government Obama is pushing for between Hamas and Fatah takes hold.

This jizya from the Obama administration will enable these scum to use all their money and facilities to purchase weaponry, rebuild their tunnels and bunkers and pursue the War against the Jews. It will be used to kill Israeli civilians.

The only good thing about this madness is that it still needs to go through Congress.Some sanity may prevail, although I'm not betting on it.

In view of this and what else is going on, it's obvious that the Obama Administration is no longer a reliable ally of Israel. I hope the American Jews who voted for him fully understand this.

Certainly they can't say they weren't warned.


Anonymous said...

It's only a month into the new government in Washington, DC, & already the insanity is manifest. 'Fasten your seat-belts : it's going to be a bumpy ride.' Actually, in the original form in All About Eve, the incomparable Bette Davis says 'night', which is what the country seems to be taking a long journey into.

Ymarsakar said...

Hey, Obama is a "straight down the middle" moderate. As evidenced by his keeping Gates and nominating middle of the road cabinet positions.