Friday, February 06, 2009

Rogue Nuclear Scientist AQ Kahn Freed

Pakistan freed rogue nuclear scientist AQ Kahn from his ongoing house arrest today.

Kahn is an extremely dangerous man. He's been dubbed 'The Father of the Islamic bomb', and after he developed nuclear weapons for Pakistan, he essentially set up a supermarket that sold to customers like North Korea, Iran and Libya, a gross violation of the IAEA's nuclear non-proliferation treaty Pakistan signed.

Of course in Pakistan, Kahn is a national hero.

Pakistan's former president Pervez Musharraf put Kahn under house arrest,but never allowed him to come to trial or to be interrogated as to who he sold what to..which leads me to believe that Kahn was not exactly operating on his own and the Pakistani government had full knowledge of what he was up to and likely shared in the swag.

However, as a concession to the Bush Administration, Musharraf at least kept Kahn under house arrest so he couldn't do any overt mischief.

Musharraf is gone, and so is the Bush Administration, and it's Obama time now.I don't think it's any coincidence that Kahn has been freed mere weeks into Obama's term.

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