Wednesday, February 04, 2009

JoshuaPundit's Headlines, 2/05/09

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'500 MILLION AMERICANS LOSE JOBS EVERY MONTH'... Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, dumb as a rock.

Obama Pushes Congress to Complete Stimulus Package quickly, ignore debate over details... I'll just bet he does.

What Is Congress Stimulating? - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal

President Obama whineswrites in the Washington Post - Summary: "It ain't my fault!! It wuz Bush! We gotta do this quick without looking at it too closely, or the sky will fall, and anybody who says different is just a partisan, un-American GOP thug!" That's pretty much it, although you can certainly waste time reading the long version....if you're a masochist.

Rasmussen Reports: Support for Stimulus Package Falls to 37% — Proof the American people haven't entirely lost their sanity!

The Cable: General Zinni gets undiplomatic treatment from Obama team — How the Obama White House does business...

Media Research Center: Bozell to ABC President: You Must Publicly Address Stephanopoulos' Apparent Conflict of Interest — It appears that ABC's George Stephanopoulos was participating in daily phone strategy sessions with now White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel throughout his tenure at ABC. This,of course is a major breach of journalistic ethics, and Brent Bozell has written to ABC president David Westin to find out whatg ABC intends to do about it.

Victor Davis Hanson / The Corner:The Impending Obama Meltdown

Obama Declares Major Disaster in Kentucky Over Ice Storm - Only took him what..2 weeks to get his act together while 60 people froze to death? Hope n'change!

Moscow Moves to Counter US Power in Central Asia ‘Jihad Mom’ had 80 women raped for suicide missions — The deal was, Samina Jassam of Iraq has confessed to the Iraqi police that she would target the victims and organize the rapes,pretend to offer sympathetic counseling and then talk the victims into being homicide bombers, since ' martyrdom 'was the only way to escape the shame...or keep their famiies from honor killing them.

Iran says USA must accept nuclear program...

Russia to start Iran nuclear plant by year end...

New Gaza study: Extreme NGO anti-Israel bias

Analysis: The political logic of Erdogan's attacks on Israel

India says Pakistan's intelligence agency behind Mumbai terrorist attack ...

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