Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Watcher's Council Nominations 2/18/09

The Watcher's Council is a group of some of the most incisive blogs in the`sphere. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one of their own and one from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council.

So, let's see what we have this week....and do check out the Watcher's take on the `stimulus' bill...


Joshuapundit - Obama’s Model - And No, It’s Not FDR - when it comes to role models, President Obama hasn't been amiss to trying on the masks of Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt or John Kennedy on occasion. And the press has gone out of its way to treat the Obama Administration as the Second Coming of Camelot. But in looking at the actual decisions Obama has made as opposed to the rhetoric and the stance, a different model comes to mind...

The Razor - Conversation with a Marine - Scott discusses the role of government, personal responsibility and individual freedoms with someone charged with protecting them. I would ask them to remember Churchill's astute observation, that the American people can always be relied on to do the right thing - eventually.

Cheat-Seeking Missiles - MSM Yawns As NY Muslim Beheads Wife - Laer notices the lack of coverage given a high profile honor killing on American soil by a 'moderate Muslim.' Well, maybe not so moderate, hmmm?

This is nothing new, by the way. There have been a number of these killings already in America, and they've gotten the same lack of coverage this one did...because those brave intrepid reporters are scared sh*tless.

Mere Rhetoric - Figures: Obama’s List Of Pre-Screened Questioners Emerges One Day After Media Celebrations Of How Obama Doesn’t Pre-Screen Questioners - Omri has fun dealing with the media's love affair with Obama...especially when it comes to pre-screened, scripted press conferences.

Actually, Obama has apparently learned a lesson from Arafat and the PLO and Saddam Hussein. Most of the dinosaur press is populated by shills and whores, and by threatening to take away access, you can pretty much get them to see things the way you want...especially if they're predisposed that way ideologically. Do you think any reporter in the White House press corps wants tell his bosses he's permanently off the pre-selected call on list because he or she wouldn't play ball with the Administration?

The Glittering Eye - Stacking the Deck - This week, Dave Schuler weighs in with one of those philosophical posts he excels at on the nature of progressives and the nature of reform for its own sake using a fellow blogger's criteria as a jump off point.

Rhymes With Right - A Double Standard - The double standard Greg is talking about is attributable to a hysterical leftard blogger who rants that the recent shooting up of a Unitarian church by a 'conservative' is terrorism sparked by right wing hate radio. At the same time, this person fails to condemn or perhaps even applauds attacks on Evangelicals and on the Mormon Church, to say nothing of ignoring Islamic terrorism.

Soccer Dad - What could be worse than Hamas? - Soccer Dad compares the WAPO's enthusiasm for Hamas participation in the Palestinian elections and the subsequent Israeli retreat from Gaza as opposed to their knee jerk opposition to the idea of a far less radical Israeli center right coalition under Netanyahu, which the WAPO refers to as 'a step backwards.'

I see this as preparing the ground for the future demonization of an 'obstructionist' Israeli government unwilling to knuckle under to the Obama Administration's attempt to force them into concessions that endanger the existence of Israel.

Right Truth - Unwillingness of the good to serve evil - One of the things I like about Debbie Hamilton's posts is that she consistently parses issues from a moral standpoint. Here she talks about what might happen in America if current trends continue and the straw finally breaks the camel's back.

The Provocateur - A Battle For Small Government in Cheboygan County, Mi. - This week, Mike brings us the unusual tale of a man who ran for local office with the sole purpose of eliminating his largely unnecessary position..amazing, but true!


Submitted By: The Razor - Brian Doherty, Reasononline - Libertarianism in an Age of Economic Crisis

Submitted By: Cheat-Seeking Missiles - Discovery Blog - Gregg Withdrawal Increases Census Stakes

Submitted By: Mere Rhetoric - Counterterrorism Blog - Iran’s New Satellites: The Pasdaran in Space

Submitted By: The Glittering Eye - American Digest - A House Divided A Century and a Half Later: What Lincoln Would Say Were He Speaking Today

Submitted By: Rhymes With Right - NewsBusters - Left-Wing Radio Host Mike Malloy: Republicans are ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Submitted By: Soccer Dad - Doug Ross’s Journal - Star Trek: The Stimulus Doomsday Machine

Submitted By: Right Truth - Truthout - Stop Baby Boomer Bashing: Protect Social Security and Medicare

Submitted By: Joshuapundit - Bat Yeor in the NRO - Geert Wilders and the Fight for Europe

Submitted By: The Provocateur - The New Ledger - Deconstructing Paul Krugman

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Ymarsakar said...

Do you think any reporter in the White House press corps wants tell his bosses he's permanently off the pre-selected call on list because he or she wouldn't play ball with the Administration?

It is somehow news that these WH journalists are moral and physical cowards?

Hell, knew that years ago, Rob. Don't need the Obamanation for this bit of update.

What you say? There are people who still don't know this? That's what lobotomies are for.