Thursday, February 12, 2009

Obama's Model - And No, It's Not FDR

Much has been said about President Obama and his supposed 'role models'. Even the president himself hasn't been amiss to trying on the masks of Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt or John Kennedy on occasion, and the press has gone out of its way to treat the Obama Administration as the Second Coming of Camelot.

But in looking at the actual decisions Obama has made as opposed to the rhetoric and the stance, a different model comes to mind.

During the first three weeks, the new administration has taken steps and signalled its intentions to vastly empower Big Labor, hike taxes, commit to huge amounts of government spending that will vastly inflate government and make millions of America's beholden to the political status quo, and nationalize and ration health care.

They have essentially already nationalized America's financial sector and its biggest manufacturers, while underwriting mortgages at the taxpayer's expense to people who couldn't afford them in the first place. They have also decided to take control of the US census and put it in the hands of the White House, while putting forth legislation to create another Democrat House seat and two new Democrat senate seats in DC, have given access to $4.2 billion in government funds to ACORN and are not only supporting 'comprehensive immigration reform' but encouraging future immigration from the radical areas of the Middle East at taxpayer expense..thus buying themselves an increased electorate to ensure Obama's re-election and keep the Democrats in a majority on the taxpayer's dime.

At the same time, new legislation proposed by a prominent member of Obama's party is wending its way through the House that would significantly affect Americans' right to keep and bear arms.

In addition, Obama and his party have voiced that they want to put a great deal more emphasis on 'International consensus', significantly cut America's defense budget and scrap missile defense and most of our nuclear arsenal.Obama has put a man who is essentially a political apparatchnik with absolutely no intelligence experience in charge of the CIA, and has taken steps that distanced America from some of its most important allies.

Last but not least, there has been a lot of talk about new 'hate speech' legislation, and significant noises from some of the Democratic players in the Senate and the head of the FCC about muzzling the opposition with a 'fairness doctrine' while using government funds to bail out Leftist organs like the New York Times - thus controlling the information flow.

Most Americans won't recognize this pattern, but my readers on the other side of the pond just might.

Obama's model? Britain's Tony Blair and New Labour.

Blair and Labour took over from the Tories with almost exactly the same kind of hope n' change rhetoric featured by Obama. And like Obama, Blair was young, charismatic, and a polished speaker with a gift for sound bites, a charismatic lawyer wife and poses Britain's Leftist media loved.

Blair and Labour had the advantage of taking control of a Britain that was already quasi-socialist, but Blair and his pals in parliament took this to new heights by increasing the power of the unions, increasing the size of government and the nationalization and government control of the economy and aspects of everyday life heretofore undreamed of.

At the same time Blair vastly increased Muslim immigration into Britain, with the idea that these would become Labour's future constituency.He named Muslim Peers to the House of Lords, established the anti-Semitic, jihadist Muslim Council of Britain and increased Britain's pro-Muslim, anti-Israel stance. it was under his rule that London got the nickname 'Londonistan' because of all the Islamic terrorists who had homes there in Britain's increasingly radicalized mosques and madrassahs. These morphed into the 'no go ' sharia ruled areas in many British cities today.

Blair also emasculated Britain's military by cutting its funding and scuttled most of the Royal Navy, something neither the Germans nor the Japanese managed to do in two world wars.

Blair also took the guns away from the British population which led to rampant increases in crime.

Blair was derided in many circles as 'Bush's poodle' because he sent troops to Iraq, but the reality is that he distanced Britain away from the special relationship with the US and towards the EU, which also meant sacrificing a huge amount of Britain's sovereignty. And in Iraq, Blair saw to it that the Brits utterly failed to perform their mission to secure Basra, largely because Blair pulled most of them out as soon as he had the excuse and let the Shiite militias take over the city while the Brits hid behind sandbags out at the airport. It took the Americans and the Iraqi army to actually clean Basra out.

At home, the government control of the media and various `hate crime' legislation have led to a Britain where free speech is once again at a premium, and a man can be arrested if he shows his country's flag at the wrong place and the wrong time.

So, if you want a clear idea of what Obama's model really is, look to the Labour rule of Tony Blair and his successor, Gordon Brown. They've had over a decade to destroy their own country, and have done a fairly decent job of it as I write this. Obama is starting from scratch in a country where socialism has only gotten a toe hold thus far, and barring a Constitutional amendment he will have less time to accomplish his agenda, but unless he's stopped by the American people while there's still time I'm certain he'll do his very best to proceed and make America a lot more like Britain..especially if the changes he puts into place grease the way for a like-minded Democrat successor.


Don Miguel said...

Reminds me a lot of Carter, too.

Christian Atheist said...

Holy Dhimmicrats Batman!
I was thinking you might go for Olmert then, as I read further, hmm- is he thinking Wilson? But yeah, change,charm-and that wonderful speaking voice! The dulcet tones, the serious mien,the easy laugh etc etc. It's all there. And just like Tony, unless you pay attention to what he's REALLY doing and saying it all seems to make so much sense!
Surely he's not lying to us. Look! He's smiling at us! HE LIKES US!!
G-d help us all.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Y'all..
Actually, I think he's closer to Blair than Carter, because of the blatant manipulation of image.

And yes,it's scary...but, as Churchill once said, the American people always do the right thing - eventually.

Obama is too big a Leftist icon to actually fail, and as our first affirmative action president he will not receive his just desserts historically,but the kind of arrogance, ethical lapses and poor judgment he and his party continue to show will eventually be their undoing.

I only hope it's sooner rather than later.


Anonymous said...

I am certain that he is emulating Blair, and that the US is in for as rough a ride as Britain is beginning to get.

"barring a Constitutional amendment he will have less time to accomplish his agenda"
If I remember correctly (and I have not been reading on this topic all that assiduously) The US is only two states away from a Constitutional Convention. I believe that some states may now be regretting their support for it, but that there is no way for them to withdraw that support. If that is actually the case, watch some rather important things happening, such as gun control, extension to the number of terms, allowing non-US-Born persons to become President, Permission to join other countries in larger (EU type) federations, etc.

And if he follows Blair closely, look for a vast increase in emergency powers ("Just in case") that will mean on the proclamation of a Government Minister all private property can be sequestrated by the State, and laws can be made by Ministerial Decree. The similarity to Hitler's early years are frightening. Even more frightening is that one still gets laughed at in Britain as a crank for thinking it. Watch for the use of Soviet style psychiatry fairly soon too.

johnsal said...

Stirrings and rumblings are taking place. Yes, 32 of the necessary 34 state legislatures have voted to call a constitutional convention. A recipe for unspeakable mischief. But, on the other hand, here is what just happened in Oklahoma, from WorldNetDaily:

"The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed House Joint Resolution 1003 Feb. 18 by a wide margin, 83 to 13, resolving, "That the State of Oklahoma hereby claims sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States."

The language of HJR 1003 further serves notice to the federal government "to cease and desist, effectively immediately, mandates that are beyond the scope of these constitutionally delegated powers.""

According to the article, 8 state legislatures have introduced a similar measure and 12 more are expected to soon consider such a measure.

I think the point here is that it is hard to take an accurate temperature of the situation. But soon the intemperate "cram down" actions of the P-O-R Triumvirate will put to the test just what a majority of the voting public thought they were going to get when the pulled the lever to vote on November 4th and whether they are satisfied with the direction we are headed.

GW said...

Yep. Dead on point, Rob. Great article. Don't know how I missed it before.

Freedom Fighter said...

Thanks, GW...great minds think alike!