Monday, February 23, 2009

Milkin' It

I personally had better things to do than to watch a bunch of mediocre Hollywood hacks engage in self-aggrandizement and mutual masturbation, but those who's business it is to watch these things, like Nicky Finke, the people at Big Hollywood and my pal Robert at Seraphic Secrets pronounced it a pretty boring evening.

Sean Penn won Best Actor for "Milk", a biopic based on the late gay activist's life n' times, and the above snippet is the lead in and his acceptance speech.

I'd advise you to skip ahead to about 6:00, where Penn starts being 'funny.'

After the usual thank-yous, he says those who voted against gay marriage should contemplate their "great shame." Then he praises America, but only because it elected " an elegant man" as president and because it produces "courageous artists" like himself who aren't afraid to take the shots because of what they produce.

Considering how Penn and most of his cohorts in Hollywood ignore and even deprecate our warriors who actually face real bullets to defend them and allow them their luxurious narcissistic lifestyles, I found that to be - well, just a bit much.

Oh, and by the way...someone should break it to Sean Penn that the 'elegant man' he was praising is on record as solidly against gay marriage and that Harvey Milk was a conservative Republican...

I don't know about Penn's talents as an actor, but he's always provided a lot more amusement for me offstage.

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Ymarsakar said...

It's like watching people hack the legs off live cows and then tell us we are the ones being unnecessarily cruel.