Sunday, August 03, 2008

Al -Qaeda Confirms A Successful Cockroach Stomp

There has been a great deal of speculation that a recent US airstrike in Pakistan just over the Afghan border severely injured Osama bin-Laden's number #2,Sheik Ayman Zawahiri. According to CBS News,(which means you can take it with a grain of salt) they supposedly saw a letter from 'unnamed sources' in Pakistan in which a Taliban leader urgently requested medical attention for him.

I personally think this is bogus, and I doubt we managed to get Zawahiri. But the raid definitely had some good results.

Al-Qaeda itself confirmed that four of its 'heroes' ended up on the wrong side of one of our Hellfire missiles. The 'heroes' in this particular cockroach stomp included Abu Khabab al-Masri, a senior Al-Qaeda commander known as a top explosives and poisons expert as well as three other lesser known 'commanders'.

Al-Masri was an Egyptian whose real name was Midhat Mursi. He had a $5 million price on his head from the United States. Among the other high points on his resume,he was believed to have trained the homicide bombers who killed 17 American sailors when they attacked the USS Cole in Yemen back in 2000.

He was also believed to have helped run al-Qaida's Darunta training camp in eastern Afghanistan until he and the boys were run out by the US invasion in 2001. He was famous for conducting experiments in chemical and biological weapons, using dogs as test animals. For that alone I hope he and his pals suffered sufficiently and his death wasn't a quick and painless one.

In any event, a nice job of pest control by our warriors...G-d speed the good work and all that stuff.

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