Thursday, August 07, 2008

Buyer's Remorse????

Apparently something's gone wrong on the way to the Promised Land. Barack Hussein Obama, who once looked to be a shoo-in as Messiah the next president appears to be on the verge of flaming out.

The polls, which once had him trouncing Republican Senator John McCain handily have evolved into a statistical dead heat with less than 100 days left to go before the elections. John Kerry and the even more comical Michael Dukakis were both ahead of their incumbent Republican opponents by double figures at this stage of the game.

In a year when any day that President Bush's approval ratings manage to crack 30% is a cause for massive celebration and free ice cream cones to all at the White House, the numbers shouldn't be anything at all like this.

What's going on here? Why the flat tires on the way to the Big Parade?

If you take a peek at the charting of voting trends, it gets pretty obvious. In the beginning, Obama was pretty much a charismatic blank slate with an attractive story, aided and abetted by his pals in the dinosaur media. But as people get to know him better, they find him a lot less palatable. and McCain is beginning to look damn good by comparison.

And even worse, Obama started believing his press coverage....'we' are the one's we've been waiting for indeed!

The American people were treated to the sight of a candidate who billed himself as the Great Post-Racial Kahuna..and then shook their heads as he ended up getting embarrassed by his twenty year association with an anti-American racist preacher and a racist church, doing a double take as he's gleefully played the race card whenever it suits him. Call it typical white people's angst if you like, to use the words of the Chosen One.

For that matter, Obama's tossing overboard long-time associates because they'd suddenly become politically inconvenient with the mantra ' he's not the person I thought I knew' became a national joke, even if the shills in Hollywood and on late night TV were a tad slow to pick up on it.

Then Obama's farcical ignorance on foreign affairs was paraded, especially on Iraq, when even Leftist-Cheerleader-In-Charge Katie Couric got a taste of the whip from him when she suggested that maybe, just maybe the Chosen One might just have been a bit mistaken about the Surge and the possibility of an American victory.

Obama actually dug the hole deeper all on his own by going overseas and acting like he was already president in a high publicity junket that even featured his own personal seal on the tail, rather than something mundane like an American flag. That particular trainwreck was compounded by Obama's speech in Berlin claiming he was a Citizen Of The World, and his refusal to do a little face -to-face with some of our wounded warriors when he wasn't given permission to bring along his political advisers to vet things.

Some of Obama's potential employers took a little offense to that, especially given the way The Lord Obama has a marked tendency to talk down to his bitter fellow citizens who cling to guns and religion, eat too much, don't speak French or Spanish, leave a way huge carbon footprint by keeping their houses too cool or too warm and are too stoopid to inflate their tires properly or realize how much higher taxes will benefit them.

Especially since that magical dividing line for The Evil Rich Who Deserved To Get Screwed For You Little People keeps moving lower all the time.

It's also becoming increasingly obvious that Obama gives great teleprompter but does lousy whenever anything goes off the script, stuttering, contradicting himself and uttering gaffes than would have the talking heads on TV and small children in the street snickering at him if he was white and had a small 'r' after his name.

The Democrat powers that be are worried, because deep down they know a dirty little secret..that the Democrat voters weren't the ones who chose Obama.

In fact, he decisively lost every single primary in the large Blue states the Democrats have to have to win except his home state of Illinois, while most of Obama's delegate strength came from those southern states where blacks make up a huge chunk of the Democrat voters or from caucuses or primaries from places like Utah and Idaho, Red states where democrats are a distinct and elite minority.

Senator Obama lost the popular vote to Senator Hillary Clinton, but was handed the nomination by the superdelegates - who decided that they would rather take the chance of going over the cliff with an untried, inexperienced candidate with questionable appeal than take the risk of alienating the monolithic Black vote or the nutroots, the insanely activist far Left wing of the Democrats.

This was identity politics and affirmative action carried to its logical absurdity, and the Clintons were totally correct in feeling betrayed and disrespected...even if it gave some of us a chuckle to see them on the receiving end of this kind of behavior for a change.

I'm absolutely certain the Clintons are making the clandestine phone calls right about now, reminding people that they said all along that Obama couldn't win. They may very well be right, but even though Mrs. Clinton now has decided she wants her name entered in for the healing process, you understand what Ahm talkin' about...the last thing the Democrat powers that be want is a riotous convention free-for-all that could split the party.

So they will award the Donkey Crown to Barack Obama, and that's the irony of it all.

In a year like this, when the Democrats have an biblically unpopular two term Republican incumbent's record to run against, a full warchest of cash, an activated base and the winds mostly blowing their way, 2008 would likely have been a walk for them if they had nominated Hillary.

Instead, they settled for a crapshoot named Obama, and a bet that's looking increasingly less likely.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the Queen of Diamonds keeps showing up and the Messiah is being exposed as the Manchurian Candidate.